Who Are the Top Packaging Design Agencies in Colorado?

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We're privy to a great opportunity for a packaging design agency. Who's best equipped to handle it locally in your opinion? Throw names and/or URLs below and we'll give them to our friends to reach out.


TDA does great packaging.


EBD produced some killer packaging. http://www.ebd.com/

EBD's website is one of the most frustrating I've seen. Would have loved to have browsed their work, but their nav is disastrously enigmatic.

Tenfold Collective:

Jorge Lamora at Cactus does some badass package design work.

Figured it might be worth mentioning that EBD is launching a new site very soon. I know because I work there :)

Carry on.

Anthem Branding in Boulder does excellent package design.

http://anthembranding.com - Anthem Branding's website

I'd have to go with Boulder's Good Apples


Moxie Sozo, by far. No contest.

I am gonna have to vote Moxie Sozo

i've had the best luck with FedEx. UPS is too slow and expensive.

Heinrich Marketing. if you want a big package of.....

The Fashion Prince sez: TDA, duh.

Karsh and Hagan has done some great stuff for American Crew

TDA and Tenfold hands down.

It is funny watching these different agencies promote themselves anonymously. Tenfold is small, but limited to Josh Emrich's attractive style. TDA is great in general and have had had a couple of big successes, but they don't specialize in packaging. Moxie Sozo is the most creative and successful, but they don't seem to work with any large P&G type brands on packaging. My personal favorite is on here, but look through their respective portfolios and see what works best for you. The others who posted here might thing they are good, but hmmmmm.

Need to add Cultivator to this list (see: New Belgium and Great Divide work).

TDA doesn't specialize in packaging? They design it for Avery Brewery, Justin's Nut Butter, Boyers Coffee, Coromega, Newton shoes, the iconic Izze bottle, Sir Richard's Condom Co., Webroot, and others. Those folks are radical designers.

HeinLick my balls....

Definitely Heinrich. They're in the top 50 to 60 mid sized agencies in Denver.

Jorge at Cactus is badass! Karsh\Hagan did some great stuff too though. Hard to say... beer labels don't really do it for me.

Interact On Shelf just moved to boulder... they truly specialize in packaging. They'e designed packages Marzetti, Ciao Bella, Food For Life, etc. Here's their website.. http://interactonshelf.com

Global Elements does some really great design.

"Karsh and Hagan has done some great stuff for American Crew" and then their creative director quit and started his own agency:


Website sucks but you know, cobblers and their kids with no shoes and stuff. They would kill it on packaging. Websites too for that matter.


If you would like to check out a few of the packaging designs we have done. We're located in Denver, CO.

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