Victors & Spoils Loses Evan Fry to CP+B

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After a summer-long hiatus from his position as Chief Creative Officer of Boulder's Victors & Spoils — the agency which he also founded — it's been announced today that Evan Fry will rejoin Crispin in the newly-created role of Executive Director of Creative Development. Evan will work as an integral part of the creative department, where he will focus on evolving the creative process as well as offering mentorship and support.

“As we continue to grow the creative department, we have been examining ways to consistently invigorate our creative capabilities and create an environment where creatives and their work are really able to flourish. We’ve realized that one of the best ways to do this is to add roles that aren’t typical to creative departments. We did it with Dave Swartz as Director of Art and Design, who works with the agency’s art directors and designers to develop ideas visually throughout the creative process. And now we have found an additional way to inspire our creatives with Evan Fry,” said Rob Reilly, Partner and Worldwide Chief Creative Officer, CP+B. “Evan has an incredible way of looking at things. He has real creative drive and unlimited expertise across a variety of platforms. He ispassionate about so many parts of our business and we believe that is the key to helping us craft the most productive and rewarding creative process any agency can have. We are really excited to have him back with us.”

“The timing was pretty much perfect for me to come back to CP+B,” said Evan Fry. “And so was the position. I feel that there is so much that I can contribute to the agency. I love writing ads, I love production, I love the teaching process and the craft. And I believe in empowering those around me and encouraging them to think in new and exciting ways. I’m back now and it’s so exciting to be working with new people as well as so many of my friends who are continually reinventing what it means to be an agency and pushing the boundaries in remarkable ways. It’s a new era for CP+B. One with a lot of momentum, a lot of chutzpah and a kick-ass, evolving identity. And I am honored and grateful to be a part of it."


Why does Evan always look constipated?

Hooray! (gay hand slap)

Ah, so this is why he kept kissing Rob's ass after he left CP+B while treating everyone else like they're complete dogshit. Best of luck to you, good sir!

Will they only pay him for the ads he writes that the client buys off on?

Making this kind of decision, I'm sure was not taken lightly and gives me personally some complex and mixed messages. So crowd sourcing, the V&S way or otherwise, doesn't work? The business model didn't work? The one off projects didn't work? Difference in opinions with partners? What didn't work that would cause you to go back to a model that appeared to be evil incarnate and cause you to seemingly take a huge step backwards? Curious.

Havas bought the agency and two founders have left since that happened. You could add to your list that the purchasers didn't see eye to eye with the original founders after they took over — or that the purchasers pushed out the founders after deciding they didn't need them or want them involved. The list goes on and is inevitably personal to each individual.

Sounds to me like CPB is making an effort to get their cool back after two and a half years of losing their top creative talents along with their "the edgy shop" reputation.

I say congrats to Mr Fry and CP+B. Cannes Titanium was won during those original years (even tho we all know it takes a village so don't bombard me on that one Egotizzies).
Egotist is right - buyouts can change everything - unless you've been on the inside of one of those, you can't know what happens.
Good for CP+B and Fry for going for Round 2. Life is short - make change.
...OH and shout out to all the creatives at CP+B and every other agency who work their asses off and never get ANY press...but still manage to stay chill, magnanimous, and cool!

Wait, so...who is running shit over at V + S now? They are screwed.

I just wanna say
I love Evan fry so much it sometimes hurts in odd places
And on Tuesday's
Go Evan
Go Evan
Be Evan

It's all about money. That's all.

Nice, job, man!

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