Know Any Good SEO Companies in Town?

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Not the hocus pocus kind. The kind that gets it done fast and done right. Some people have asked for our suggestions recently, so we thought we'd ask for yours. Throw them in the comments below, por favor.


Wick Creative ( Those guys are at the top of the game.

SEO doesn't work anymore since the last few Google Panda updates. Linking building and all that garbage that SEOs have sold for the past few years no longer does anything for you. Any decent digital agency can make your content indexable, which is all that really matters anymore.

I used to do Paid Search at Parallel Path ( and can vouch that their SEO is a quality service. You are asking for "the kind that gets it done fast" but with SEO you have to remember that while the work may be completed in an efficient amount of time, the results often take months to come to light. Please be wary about promises in SEO and smart about who you decide to go with.

Page 1 Solutions knows what they're doing. They specialize in SEO for Legal, Plastic Surgery, Ophthalmology and Dental.

I signed about a year ago. They are great to work with and gave us solid seo results. I found they were probably the most honest seo guys we met with. They gave us very realistic results with realistic goals

ICON does a great job of SEO. Reasonably priced and expert results. Very knowledgeable and professionable. Highly recommend.

In response to the comment "SEO doesn't work anymore since the last few Google Panda updates. Linking building and all that garbage that SEOs have sold for the past few years no longer does anything for you."

I'd have to agree with that regarding the old style link building campaigns. You DO NOT want anybody building you unnatural links, as those can now make your rankings worse, for which Google deserves praise.

What you do want is an SEO agency that has evolved with the times, one that can advise you in these areas:
1. Exactly how to optimize your existing web site to be search friendly
2. A plan regarding what keywords you should target
3. Strategy and tactics regarding how to do "real company stuff" (to quote the recent SEOmoz talk by Wil Reynolds) in an SEO friendly way that generates natural links, which drive revenue and traffic. This includes coordinating with social media, email, blog posts, offline events, and more.
4. Measuring and reporting what's working and what needs improvement

As for good local agencies, I worked at Booyah Online Advertising and they do good work.

And, the pitch: After working for years at agencies such as Booyah and on the client side (Avaya,,, I've gone independent under the name Grounds for Promotion. I do "big agency" SEO work and strategy for a better value. My website is coming online soon, for now you can see my LinkedIn profile: I also have expertise across PPC and Social Media. Write jonathan at for more info.

Agree with Jonathan. Just because Panda has forced many SEO companies to re-evaluate their tactics, doesn't mean it's a black or white deal.

The changes that just were released require more content in word count. And for creative sites, that's hard - and a challenge. Content is king now. And relevant content to your search is even more important than it was just months ago.

Google is attempting to make their search engine more valuable by returning the best results for users.. and that means not rewarding sites with 1000000000 back links with bogus / half-composed articles from India. Frankly, that's one of the very reasons Panda was launched.

Our firm marries traditional PR with SEO along with proven tactics. Let's face it, if your'e going to get a link, let's all agree that it should be a real link, a credible link - a link that provides value. If you're going to write blogs or articles, make them count. Make them something people will want to read. Follow the Google updates. Update your sites as required. Play by the rules - and you'll be where you should be on the rankings. Long gone are the days of get rich quick SEO firms. Long live the agencies providing real value to their clients. It's about doing work with integrity and professionalism. Not an overnight band-aid (sorry, I meant adhesive strip)


I guess that's what I'm saying. If SEO is just about creating great content, making it indexable and PR these days then you're probably better off getting those services elsewhere or just hiring someone that understands modern marketing. I think the value of the SEO specialist has been substantially marginalized for most brands.

Anony - I suppose.. but like any specialty, there are nuances to the craft. Especially the individual skills/core competencies of each area of concentration. I'm not saying PR is a mainstay of traditional SEO. It's just something we integrate into our efforts because it's a natural fit and the firm has been doing it for over a decade. Hence, we make each area work for each other. And certainly a learning curve and ongoing education considering all of the recent shifts.

Every firm will have their secret sauce on what is good SEO. I'd suggest outsourcing any task you aren't versed in to a level that will get results.

Agree about the marginalized comment. Maybe some of the issue is each firm has their own idea of what good SEO is and how to get results. My guess, with Panda's release and updates, a lot of below the line firms that once got results from various tactics are now seeing diminished returns without new and relevant content. I've asked our in-house SEO staff to write a blog about Panda and it's impact on search rankings. Look for it soon on our site.

Questions? Send them my way.


Stepping Stones
SEO | Inbound Marketing
cell: 303.501.4944

He is thoughtful, explains things well and GETS RESULTS!

Yes, call me :) I've been in the business for 10 years and provide straight forward, no b.s. digital marketing. Check out my site at for more info.

Big Footprint Digital!

We provide SEO support to a number of well known national brands and have fine tuned our methdology over the past 9 years.

Our results are measured by increased traffic via the Organic channel but more importantly how the organic channel is converting into revenue or leads. We would be happy to talk through your specific situation and explore how we could help.

This could be shameless promotion, but our results gives us the right to promote ourselves.
SEO Atlanta team is consisted of previous freelancers and contractors from big SEO companies. We consider our job very seriously. We do not offer same kind of SEO packages to everyone and guarantee exact number of backlinks. Instead of it, first we make thorough analysis of potential client's website, keywords research and competitor's backlinks research. Then we contact client and expose him briefly about our possible SEO strategy.
Contact us at and see for yourself.

I work for Big Buzz, a Denver-based marketing agency that offers online marketing (including SEO, PPC and social media) backed by actual research. We do our homework – starting with brand development and continuing on to online assessments, to ensure that what we're doing is just the right online marketing formula for your company. We work super closely with you to nail down your goals and make sure we're hitting those each month. While our processes work for all companies, we specialize in healthcare marketing. If you're a hospital, dentist or doctor, give us a call and we'll give you powerful marketing made simple. We don't guess or throw darts in the dark – we look at your online marketing objectively, strategically and with reason. Contact us today to see how we can get you real results. Our number is 720-350-4484!

I've worked with the guys at and they pride themselves on reverse-engineering the search engines. Pretty impressive group over there.

We've tried quite a few optimizers but had the best luck working with companies that had 5-10 employees. They were big enough to handle a lot of work, had good experience, but were small enough that we got personal attention. Try TigerSEO

Randall - thank you for the positive response to my comment (the sixth one down from the top).

To follow up, since then I launched my website: which speaks a bit to the SEO and other services that my staff and I provide.

Also, thank you to the Denver Egotist for providing this forum, it's such a valuable asset for the Denver Metro marketing community.

Last, If anybody from the Denver area is going to SEOMoz's Seattle MOZcon in July, 2013 please email me as I'll be there and it would be good to connect.


Jonathan Sackheim

Benjamin Media Group does a great job working with clients to get the results they need. One of our biggest clients got hit really hard do to some unnatural link building they had done in the past. We clean all of that up for them and they are now back at the top enjoying their page 1 results.

After working for them for 2 years I started my own consultancy, Psyence Media, focusing more on inbound marketing than purely SEO. My Denver clients are the best.

Hi, my name is Darius Balogh, I've been in content marketing and SEO for about 5 years now. After Panda, I mostly do content writing and SEO consulting. My website:

My 2 Cents:

Search Engine Optimization is still very much a thing, however the rules changed. Many of the tactics that people talk about like providing 100 low-quality backlinks for a site still help on search engines like Bing (and Yahoo, now powered by Bing), although they are cracking down, and we might see a search engine update in the next year.

Why Google Is Different:

Panda and Penguin did successfully take out a lot of those micro-niche sites built up on black hat SEO techniques (spam linking, keyword stuffing, etc.). However after those updates many white hat companies saw a huge boost in ratings.

This update destroyed sites like Digg and other bookmarking sites that were standard practice of any SEO expert looking for quality backlinks.

The new algorithm that was sneakily launched and announced later was Hummingbird back in about November of 2013. This did two things, first made search results more local and social oriented, second it sliced up what was previously the criteria for the algorithm. Now rather than giving top slot to a keyword density of 2.5% for an article about indoor gardening, it looks more towards relevance and diversity, such as similar keywords and phrases throughout the piece.

If anything, it has led to valuable SEO content being all about excellent depth, high quality information, and engaged social presence---rather than cheap tricks. A credible platform will get it's pages indexed much faster, though an upstart can beat it out if it has enough other SEO factors going for it.

Take this post for example, with every comment on the board, it becomes one step stronger in keywords like "Denver SEO," "Seo Expert In Denver," "Colorado SEO," by having more keywords added by other sources (look at all the comments). The relevance, fresh posts, and diverse keywords that accompany this information is what keeps this Q and A at the second slot for the previously mentioned queries.

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