Arby's Hires Former New York City Police Detective Bo Dietl to Find Out Where Subway Slices Their Meat

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Arby's new "Slicing Up the Truth About Freshness" campaign, which started in October, celebrates Arby's rich heritage in freshly slicing meat in their restaurants — while highlighting the fact that other sandwich shops cannot make the same claim. The campaign includes national television, print and digital advertisements featuring former New York City Police Detective Bo Dietl on a mission to expose the truth about fresh slicing — and rip Subway a new one in the process.

The new long-form web documentary is directed by Larry Charles (Borat, Religulous, Bruno, The Dictator) and delves deep into Dietl’s investigation to uncover the truth about where Subway slices their meat, including who Dietl is and why he's taken on this mission. We definitely like the idea of sending this guy on such a silly.., er serious mission. Agency: CP+B.


Hey Ego--you know if this campaign is still running?

This is the long-form web extension of that TV spot, cut from the same footage. That specific spot was yanked after complaints.

Arby's meat is no different than subways it's all the same.

Would someone tell this Bo Dietl clown be looks like a nasty hobo? Get a razor and learn to shave, the 3 day growth look looks bad enough on a 25 year old, but on a fat guy over 50 it just looks pathetic. Arby's get rid f this clown. There's a million out of work actors out there that would be much betteron tbese commercials. Until they stop this Bo Dietl nonsense boycott Arbys.

I'd like to reiterate What Anonymous posted on Jan 22nd. What a Bozo this Dietl guy is. The marketing group that created this ad campaign should be fired. Makes me want to stop going to Arby's.

Brisket sandwich is the worst deal on the planet I got 2 1/2 slices of brisket no flavor on a sloppy sauce ridden bun Will not go back and any detective that thinks it`s a good deal should go to prison

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