NYC Police Detective Bo Dietl On a Mission to Expose the Truth about Fresh Slicing

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Arby’s is rolling out a brand re-launch and new advertising campaign, “Slicing Up The Truth About Freshness,” celebrating Arby’s rich heritage in freshly slicing meat in their restaurants every day for nearly 50 years. The brand re-launch includes TV, print and digital ads from CP+B, modernized logo, new tagline and a complete website refresh at

The ads were directed by Larry Charles, who is best known for directing films such as Borat, Religulous, Brüno and The Dictator, as well as his writing work for Seinfeld. These new spots mark Charles’ first endeavor into commercials.

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Arby's freshness + domino's honest natural ingredients + applebee's fresh tomatoes = same strategy across 3 crappy USA food chains. Also, not really sure if Larry Charles' auteurism is seen here. Hopefully that will come out in future spots.

Personally I think CP+B could have saved money by enlisting Matt Groening's brilliance as seen here:

Nice slam against Iowa by an ill-shaven jerk.

Detective Bo Dietl is Awesome!!! It is great seeing him in the Arby's commercial. I will definitely be going to Arby's to try their fresh sandwiches.

Go Bo! Great choice Arby's. Bo Dietl had an amazing career as a N.Y. City Police Officer. I believe they made a movie of his life.

Apparently CP+B changed this ad after angering some Iowans. People are too sensitive!

Lighten up Francis.

That looks like a pretty expensive suit for a local detective to buy. but wait, cops don't become corrupt anymore these days, right?

<"That looks like a pretty expensive suit for a local detective to buy"...>

Bo Dietl is no longer a "local detective", he owns his own multi-million dollar business. He can afford to buy those suits because he is smarter than you.

Jamie - great quote!!

Ive made roast beef and turkey before and it doesnt look like that... does arbys roast all the meat there? do they make the buns? make the soda? the whole ad campaign is simply that subway doesnt slice the meat at the store, so what? does mcdonalds form each patty at each store? does arbys make the cheese sauce in the store? NO!!!!!!! arbys is scraping the bottom to make a commercial. Pretty soon coke will run ads against pepsi for the type of water used or caffeine content.

He could not find a collar in a shirt factory.

you guys struck GOLD with MorganGoodwin.Now you're ruiningit with
with that seedy guy ????? Just because he was a cop???!!!

In the "Ad World" you guys figure that even a bad commercial is good
if people are complaining about it,because onviously "they're watching
it".Well let me tell you,when I see a stupid commercial,I make a point
of NOT buying the product! Yeah,...even if it's Arby's! So you "wizards"
might want to re think that idea.I know lots of people who are with me
on this. The Goodwin girl is the best pitch-girl I've ever seen but that
apparently wasn't enough for you morons!(I'm talking about the comm-
ercial with the seedy-looking guy in it!)

Bo Dietl. Dirty cop who sold info to mafia crime bosses.

I wonder if Detective Dietl will investigate where the cows for Arby's roast beef comes from, after all if they're claiming freshness then let's put them to the test.

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