Rascal Flatts: "Me And My Gang" – New Video from Tantrum and Denver's Friends of Mine

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For Rascal Flatts' headline song on their 2012 summer tour, Denver's Friends of Mine collaborated with Tantrum productions and headed up into the hills for one rocking party.

Production Company: Tantrum
Producer: Molly Grey
Director: Mike Slane
Creative Direction: Adam Espinoza
Editorial: Adam Espinoza
Grading: Adam Espinoza
Audio: Rascal Flatts



That was weak. We know you can do better.

Can you be more specific? What did you not like about it?

The guy in the red plaid shirt was too handsome; rabble rabble rabble!

The choice of talent could be better. The fact that the camera is shaky makes this video look amateur. Color-grading and editing is done well, but the entire video could have used more thought and overall production value.

Is this a real music video for Rascal Flatts?

Thanks for the constructive criticism.

As far as the comments, all good points, well taken. This was a real run and gun situation, shot on a shoestring and a prayer.

This was the headlining song for their 2012 tour. So, not an actual video but rather stage visuals that were running behind the band.

An actual concept and story would've been nice.

That and real actors. The whole thing looks like stock footage.

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