Future is Bright for New Denver Agency, Orlin Culture Shop

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Illustrator and designer Brian Edward Miller, who was born and raised here in Colorado and left for a stint in LA, returned to CO a few years ago. Just recently, he's decided to launch his own shop — and we think it should be on your radar. The Orlin Culture Shop provides services in illustration (editorial, commercial, conceptual), graphics creation (icons, logos, more), and picture books (graphic novels, children’s book Illustration, more). The work is handcrafted with exceptional quality and the background story and company philosophy will give you strong reason to feel good about giving Orlin Culture Shop a piece of your project.

My name is Brian Edward Miller and I’m the Owner, Artist, and Illustrator behind the Orlin Culture Shop (OCS for short). The OCS represents an amalgamation of influences born out of an 80′s driven childhood, a family legacy of artists and craftsman, and over a decade of experience as a creative professional.

I was born and raised in Colorado and was nourished artistically as far back as I can remember. My father, a professional musician for the Air Force Academy and photographer, instilled in me the notion of hard work (“perfect practice makes perfect.”), dedication, and growth through perseverance. I also attribute my sense of professionalism to my father who was dependable and respectful in all the dealings I witnessed. My mother, a DOD worker by profession, was a passionate artist and crafter who taught me the value of exploration within the arts. She was fearless in her willingness to try her hand at new endeavors and quite adept when it came to picking up new things. It was always her voice that gave pragmatic encouragement to everyone in the household whenever we doubted our ability to grow as artists or to set goals and chase after them. My grandparents, hard working farmers, railroad workers, and homemakers, made crafts such as woodworking, leather working, quilting, and more, a natural part of their lives. They instilled in me a rich appreciation for sustainable crafts which hearken back to our Country’s golden years.

Today, with a family of my own, the concept of ‘artistic legacy’ has taken on new meaning with the added responsibilities accompanying my attempts at being a loving husband and father. While the OCS was made official in 2011, its foundation stretches much further back and, God willing, much further forward.

My goal is to provide quality illustration and custom graphics with the professional hard working ideals my family modeled to me and to chase down that elusive vintage aesthetic which reminds me of my childhood.


love the work.

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