The North Face is Athlete-Driven

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Nice piece from Denver's Factory Design Labs, with custom music from Dynamite Laser Beam.


Did everyone see that Cactus is featured in the new Communication Arts Advertising Annual? Congrats guys. Great ideas get great recognition.

Speaking of Factory, has anyone seen their Glassdoor reviews? Yikes.

take your hate and go elsewhere you anonymous troll. this is a cool spot. great partnership over the years between north face and factory.

I liked this from the first time I saw it on TV the other day. Nice work factory!

Another execution looking for a concept. The only nice thing about that spot is the logo attached to it at the end. What a great brand. When will they match their brand with an agency that can market it? FDL=Amateurs.

Give these guys a break. The work isn't very good, but it's not all their fault. I used to work at Factory and know how hard The North Face is to work on. TNF doesn't want good ideas. They just want videos that look like athletes shot and wrote them. That's what they get. At some point you just give the client what they want and go skiing. It's the Factory way. Don't hate them for it.

why should we give these guys (factory) a break? they seem to treat their employees like shit. thats a local pr fact that has been present for a few years now. are you saying we should act like this is acceptable? unfortunately any good work like this will get drowned out by Factory's disregard for its creative talent until things change. props on this spot. its awesome and you guys killed it.

I'm not saying that it's ok for them to treat people like shit. In fact, it's why I left the place. But there are reasons why all their work is mediocre. I don't think we need to hate on them just because they can't sell good work. They are what they are.


It's sounds like a powerpoint Voiceover.

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