"Strength of Family" Craig Hospital Campaign - Via Boulder's Greenhouse Partners

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This summer, Craig Hospital, a long-term acute care hospital that specializes in the rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury, kicked off its first awareness-building advertising campaign with Greenhouse Partners, Boulder.

With the goal of raising awareness in the Rocky Mountain region, Craig and Greenhouse conducted extensive research to uncover key qualities of the award-winning hospital that resonated with current and past patients, doctors, nurses and other community members. Based on the research findings and Craig’s unique approach to rehabilitation through its family-based approach, an advertising campaign was built around the theme of "Strength of Family."

The campaign is made up of images of the actual Craig family — graduates, family members, doctors, therapists, staff and more — which together form icons that convey the love and support patients receive at Craig.

Media includes newspaper and magazine ads, NPR and PBS sponsorships, digital banners and ads and outdoor.


There is one of these billboards around that has a big blue hand on it as the main image - and every time I drive by it I think of Tobias Funke from Arrested development.


And I am not saying this to be critical of the work by any means. It's just what I think when I see it and it always gives me a good chuckle. Now, you may join in the fun. I dare you not to think of a giant Tobias Funke running around giving high fives to billboards when looking at it.

Oh - and good work guys!

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