Boulder's Made Collection Will Be Featured in Esquire's December Interactive Issue

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The December issue of Esquire hits newsstands Nov. 20 and is being called its most interactive print experience “ever.” Using an iPhone app called Netpage, readers will be able to scan every photo, ad and article to pull up PDF replicas on their phones, which they can then save, share and, in some cases, shop.

Esquire has partnered with Boulder's Made Collection to curate the “Great American Things Collection,” which lives on Products from the collection that are clipped using Netpage will have a “buy” button that will link to the storefront. The buy button will also appear if a reader shares a clip with a friend or to a social network.

Things are getting mighty interesting with the integration of shopping and technology.

Esquire Netpage App from Made Movement on Vimeo.



Made is awesome. But will they ever carry things that are affordable? I don't mean cheap shoes, or cheap shirts, but just less pricey items. What about stuff in the $20 range, or even homegrown music?

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