VP of Digital Gene Paek Leaves Factory Design Labs for Freelance

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Early rumors that another senior executive has left Denver's Factory Design Labs have been confirmed today with an early morning tweet from the man himself, Gene Paek. Formerly, Vice President of Digital at FDL, Paek was one of the key people responsible for the agency's Callaway Golf account win. No juicy drama here, he just decided it was time to leave.

Lucky for Denver, he's staying town. "I want to remain here in the Denver digital marketing community and plan on doing digital marketing freelance work. I believe there's a need for people like me who can help agencies and brands that need freelance help building digital and integrated marketing programs, and concepting digital and creative technology programs for client campaigns, pitches or companies that need consulting to get themselves aligned in the digital space," said Gene.

Very sharp guy. Very well respected. Hit him up.


what's up with the photo?

of all the photos to grab, egotist grabs this one. :-)

if i were to bend the truth, i would tell you i have 24/7 security detail.

truth is, these are just 2 amazing FDL employees: eric hines (left) and frank persyn (right). they reminded me of those badass peeps you see in jason bourne movies so we posed for this pic.

that's the one thing i will miss most about FDL. they truly have amazingly talented people that work there.

much love.


Good Luck Gene! You will be missed!

:) - Got mad respect for Gene. Make moves, always.

Good times, Gene...
You'll def be missed. Stay in touch.

Congrats Gene! Glad to hear that you are sticking around town. Good luck to you in the new endeavor.

Wishing you best Gene, you'll be missed.

Congrats Gene, you've got mad hustle! You're gonna kill it!

Gene is one of the best in the biz. Good luck to you, man!

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