New Broadmoor Print and TV Campaign - Via Vladimir Jones

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For the first time in six years, The Broadmoor — a five-star, five-diamond resort that covers 3,000 acres on Colorado Springs’ southwest side — is embarking on a major national advertising campaign that includes print and Internet ads, along with the hotel and resort’s first TV commercial in almost two decades. The campaign was developed by advertising and public relations firm Vladimir Jones, with offices in Colorado Springs and Denver. Nice and safe.



I like the photo / motion execution. Very moody.


Really great photography. Dig the TV spot as well. Nice subtle jab at the end, Egotist. I suppose its supposed to be daring and edgy like the CTO campaign, right?

Insert hotel name here idea.

I thought it was pretty bland, especially if youre trying to make a splash nationally for the first time in years. at best, it feels like something you'd see for some gross real estate conglomerate trying to selling time share at the mall.
photos were great but didnt get what this treatment added over doing it all live action
mood? more like snooze

Meh. Overall, just meh.

Douche. Overall, you're a douche.

@Marcus Calling them nice and safe wasn't meant to be a jab. The tonality's right on for a hotel of this sort.

I really like that hot tub shot.


"Douche. Overall, you're a douche." Good one! That had me just rolling in laughter.

The video motion execution looks like still photos zoomed in on apple iMovie whatever with artificial movement of on focal point.

The golfers hand looks fake like Danny glovers hand in Happy Gilmore.

The print ads are alright. The images are generic. They have some 2D theme perspective going.

The Broadmoor is Colorado Springs International Landmark holding international and many conferences. Larger than The Brown Palace, but with a more south western feel and style. This does not convey that to me?

Just my opinion. It's not necessarily terrible work persay, but like always, there is always something to be considered an outweighed! As a resort wanting to draw people because of it's vernacular sense of original place I think this ad doesn't speak much magic in that reference or regard!

Wha? Wha happened? I fell asleep during that time share presentation.

I've seen ads in random 'Colorado' magazines within the last year?

They usually feature the U shaped resort and grounds. Inside interior would give a sense of style aswell.

The "few days in our world" line in the first print piece is a good line of copywriting. Isn't that what we all want out of a vacation?

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