Climate Reality Project Responds to Crazy Ted Kaczynski Billboard

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The Climate Reality Project's Boulder creative team has responded to a bizarre and controversial Unabomber ad, which was pulled down almost as fast as it was put up. The new ad takes over the Chicago billboards where big oil-funded Heartland Institute tried to compare those who believe in climate change to radicals and mass murderers (like Ted Kaczynski whose mug they featured).

In advance of the Heartland Institute’s annual conference next week, nine billboards will go up — so that Chicagoans and everyone at the conference will see Climate Reality Project's response. It'd be nice if someone would figure out this debate once and for all.


Look at the affects acid rain had on his face!

Love this! Well done CRP.

So billboards will reverse global warming?

Damn that Ladybird Johnson and her Highway Beautification Act! If not for that meddlesome bitch the polar bears would be thriving.

Sitting on Billboard Sills at Night Makes One Fall in Love Stupid!

Carbon Dioxide is still part of the 1% other gases on our planet besides Oxygen & Nitrogen. Let me know when it breaks beyond that less than 1%. That is science. I'm am not sure how jump to Carbon Dioxide causing the World to warm. It is just not scientifically possible.

Remember Save the Rainforest.... turns out the forest grows back faster than we can cut it.

Then, there was the Ozone layer.... turns out that was full of holes too (pun intended).

These are all facts. Look them up.... especially the makeup of our atmosphere. It hasn't changed since I was in grade school over 20+(+) years ago.

I like the Boldness though of the billboards. I bet people feel like they have to read it.

Who to believe on climate:
Ian?... or EVERY National Scientific Academy in the world?

take that, bible thumpers.

Had to comment on this finally. While there is no doubt that CO2 emissions have to go somewhere, the earth has seen many periods of warming and cooling and times where CO2 has been exponentially higher in concentration than current day. The feedback mechanisms of the earth took care of the excess then and will do the same in the future. If we dump at an exorbitant rate, then if may take longer to return to "normal" but it will. Whether or not it will create a planet that melting faster than normal will be seen over time, so we should probably do our best to control since its our Earth. We are currently in a warming trend (interglacial period) of a global ice age (hence the reason we have polar ice caps). The will at some point melt and reform with or without our influence and just to be clear, not a skeptic here, just informed.

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