Alex Bogusky's Work Quarters Becomes The Climate Reality Project

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If you've been following the career arc of Alex Bogusky over the last two years, you know he and his crew have been heavily involved in the branding and promotion around Al Gore's The Climate Reality Project. So much so, it seems, that they've decided to rebrand their Boulder FearLess Revolution headquarters from the Fearless Cottage to The Climate Reality Project. There's more on the story on FearLess' blog — and the video below captures the symbolic repainting of the building's all important front door.

The sign painter, who took 3 hours to paint the sign from start to finish, is Kevin Benjamin. The time lapse video, captured by Jeffery Garland, is composed of over 4,050 images.

Brush On Signs from jeffery garland on Vimeo.


Is it just me or do a lot of Fearless Cottage/Common projects seem more about being able to produce quirky creative ideas than actually solving problems? If Bogusky just wanted to keep wasting other people's money, why did he leave advertising? I've been to a couple of their events and I try to follow their extremely slow progress but it's been a couple years now and I haven't seen anything worthwhile come out of this. I'm sure his heart is in the right place...I hope this thing gets off the ground in a meaningful way at some point.

I wonder what the VOC emissions where on the paint. That sign may have just raised the temperature of the earth a fraction of a degree.

there aren't enough smart conscientious people in the world to be transformed into smart conscientious consumers

Why exactly is this news?

Every time Bogusky has a bowel movement, it makes headlines. But other than continuing to feed his massive ego, what has he actually accomplished in the last two years? He makes a lot of grand pronouncements and stirs up a lot of buzz on a handful of ad blogs. But what kind of results has he achieved? What has he really contributed to, say, the debate over climate change? How many minds has he reached? How many people has he persuaded? Ironically, it appears that the only thing he's generated so far is a lot of hot air.

Hmm, no one seems to care about our agency or our goals. Let's change our name to something that people MUST CARE ABOUT and then they'll care about us.

Oh yeah, and 3 hours to paint words? It's called an exacto knife, old cereal box cardboard and a can of spray paint. Done in 15 minutes.
Efficiency: Unparalleled!!
Arrogance: NULL!

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