Visit Denver's 'Truth or Dare' Campaign Entices Meeting Planners to See the Real City

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Meeting planners for trade associations have the daunting task of selecting cities to host their annual shows. Through endless research and up-to-the-minute info, planners know every city's strengths and weaknesses, including Denver. Or so they think.

Karsh\Hagen's Truth or Dare campaign challenges them to see the real Denver. Truths unveil the city's true destination appeal. Dares challenge planners to engage in Denver's more vibrant offerings. The first peek of this campaign was delivered through print ads.

All media encouraged planners to engage in a web experience of truths and dares, enriching their knowledge of Denver to the point of them gaining a new perspective of the city. With so much going on in the Mile High City, this refreshing approach steers clear of traditional marketing where other metropolitans opt to showcase their convention buildings.

Read more about the campaign in The New York Times.



The press in NY Times is good - the reference to the Madonna movie Truth or Dare (or In Bed with Madonna) was an odd choice. But as we say in PR, any PR is good PR. :-)

The art direction isn't what I usually expect to see for this type of audience. A lot of this type of work hinges on actual square footage of meeting space. How many rooms, how much convention space. This is different. Hence, it will most likely cut through the clutter in the sea of sameness. Copy: double positives remind me of the answer we like to give when asked what our weakness is at work: workaholic. The work paints Denver in a positive light.

Some days, I wish we had ads for the Denver creative community that touts why clients should come to ( I mean stay in) Denver.


These are awful.

What happened to constructive criticism? People/users like GIVEITUP should be banned from the Egotist. Nothing valuable comes out of comments like this, and this person isn't even courageous enough to put his/her real name. Pathetic.

A decent concept but poor execution.

aw·flu   [aw-fuhl]

full of awe; reverential.

I agree with Matt - Easy to give an unqualified comment or review. "These are awful." is a complete sentence. I'll give you that. But it was made with no substance whatsoever.

With the Egotist, the expectation is the ability to comment on articles pseudonymously. It allows readers freer expression than if they were bound to their real names. I'm fine with that. But expand on awful next time so we know what is specifically awful. Otherwise, your comment is awful to read.


I'll expand.
Pros. The idea is good or at least interesting. I like that a client went with headline's that are not the traditional route.

Cons. Design is way to cluttered. Just not refined. Everything is the same size so it all competes. The photography is very stock looking. A lot of smiling white people. The topics and locations for the most part underwhelming for an audience that would book from a larger than Denver location. For example the bars look interesting if you are from Omaha but not if you are from Chicago, Seattle, LA. All the location images lack originality and uniqueness. A bike over a bridge? 3 people at The Cruise Room? Pretty bland.

This me is a good idea that wasn't explored, it's a good idea executed with the first way that that came to mind. This is where a Creative Director really needs to push their team. It's easy to use the first place that comes to mind. It's easy to just take photos not explore a photo style that feels like something you've never seen. They just look like a small town trying to get a convention, not a really unique place giving me an insiders tour of a really special place I need book.

Im just a little disappointed at how stale and fake some of these shots look. Almost weirdly photoshopped. If you are going to have lifestyle in the shots, make them real, not overly retouched. I am sure the viewer would not notice it and not think a thing about it. Us designer types may just nit pick things a little too much.

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