Sir Richard's Condoms Invites Sluts to Unite

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If you owned your own condom company, what type of work would you do for the brand? As partial owner of Sir Richard's, TDA_Boulder has been showing us what they'd do — and having a lot of fun in the process (even tapping into the Rush Limbaugh "slut calling" scandal that's unfolding.)

The latest campaign is a forum called Sluts Unite, described as "a sex-positive forum that brings people together under the banner of tolerance, acceptance and personal freedom. It is our goal to take what was intended to be a hateful, derogatory word and change it into something positive through the power of the collective."

On the site, you can take The Sluts Unite Oath — which has you agree that sex is fun, but that responsible birth control needs to be part of that fun — as well as showing your slut pride by picking a statement that best represents the way you feel (proud to be a slut) and using it as your social media avatar. Sluts Unite!


This is great. Smart and powerful. Well done, TDA.

Agree, so good. Nice work.

Someone should send this to Rush Limbaugh.

I enjoy this whole brand identity. Exposure here on this site is really a positive memorable experience to build brand familiarity that translates into the consumer realm!

Mine sez:


Too bad nobody buys those condoms.

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