Duke Shoman Shoots Kelly Eden

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Denver photographer Duke Shoman recently shot local alternative model, fine artist and tattoo artist Kelly Eden. The publishers pulled the plug on the shot at the last minute. Need it for anything you're working on?


I like the photoset interior cube design a lot!

Thanks bud, appreciate it. I have 3 more projects I hope to be posted soon with similar set detentions but completely different feelings, keep an eye out.


killer hair flack! It'd suck to have to do minature tiffany's window displays when this is your real sport!

Thank you boys, greatly appreciate the quick responce time.

I have a query for you...

...when something like this is posted why isn't it then reflected on my page? I may be missing the section that illustrates work posted by the egotist but I do see the "Comments posted" and "Discussions created" but nothing that would take people from my page to this or earlier posts. Am I missing something or is there no such amazing feature?

If not, it would be a great way of letting members showcase that their work has been accepted for publishing on the front page, and add more demention to the profiles letting possible clients see how active and frequent certain members are posting new material.

Just a hope, thanks again for fixing the link.

Do you need soapstone? dumasrox!

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