Cool Agency Promotion from Philosophy at Last Night's Paper Fashion Show

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Denver's Philosophy Communication executed a UV-lighted fashion/self-promotion at the 8th Annual ADCD Paper Fashion Show last night. The Alice In Wonderland fashions they created were painted with florescent and glow-in-the-dark paint before the show. 100 branded UV flashlights were handed out to the front row audience members with printed instructions to illuminate the entry on the catwalk. The reverse side of the flashlight tag carried a Philosophy Communication branded message. Nice. Here's 9 News' pre-event coverage.


And you thought it could not be topped...Full body paint is a nice touch in of itself! I'm blown away.

nice work Jen, Randall and your crew!!

wow.. i didn't know this was the philosophy show. thought ADCD put it on.

Not at all. In fact, Philosophy has been kind enough over the past three years to donate their services in giving Paper Fashion Show strong PR support. They are passionate about it. But by no means are they eclipsing the great effort that the ADCD board puts together year after year. I find this self-promo to be pretty cool and I think it enhances the show instead of distracts from it.

You're only looking at a sliver of the pie. Check out the pics on ADCD's Facebook page to get the full picture.

Why then, if you are the pr firm, are you posting about yourself before you even post about the event, or adcd, or the winners of the show? Doesn't add up to me.

Philosophy was successful in securing plenty of media partners this year for the non-profit, including multiple interviews on 9News along with WestWord, The Denver Post, Metromix, Examiner, and Denver Magazine.

The Egotist, like all media channels, can pick and choose what they want to run. Considering what the agency has accomplished over the past few areas, I think they're due for a little recognition.

Winners, btw, can be seen at

Seawall is a perfect fit of the growing supportive spectator! I don't see the commotion? I realize Denver is stuffy charity in the competing arts dept., but the post's gimmerick does just say cool agency promotion obviously for a participant and the photos aren't up yet.

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