New vitaminwater Spot from CP+B Overflows with the Splendors of the Internet

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Can you spot them all?


Not to bash, but haven't we seen the memes-on-TV thing a lot lately?

That's actually pretty funny. I'm not sure I follow the whole inmates in orange jumpsuits dancing in the street thing but the elk or deer taking out the sax player was pretty funny.



Commercials are created to sell us things using better graphics but most of us want to be entertained by them and not just told that we should buy their product.

The intrinsic nature of the meme is for basic connectivity and moving forward this is fun like the Vytautas video!

They all do that: They are all doing that: They all did that

I would have gone with dancing babies in the street. That would have been more groundbreaking. Perhaps with a funnier nuance, but then it would be copying Ali McBeal or Etrade! Maybe cpb is saying in a roun-a-bout way that factory sucks?

It's round-a-round!

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