Half School, Half Prison Bus Illustrates the Importance of Finishing High School

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TDA_Boulder decided to keep it simple by showing the correlation between education and incarceration rates for client non-profit ACE Scholarships by transforming a yellow school bus into a unique hybrid: the tail end is a gritty prisoner-transport vehicle. The bus, donated by Denver Montclair International School, hit the streets for the first time at an ACE education event last week and will make appearances throughout the summer. Wrapping was donated by DI Graphics.

A red stop sign is prominently displayed before the ad copy, which reads, "75% of all inmates are high school drop outs." That figure comes courtesy of the U.S. Bureau of Justice.

ACE is a Colorado non-profit focused on low-income scholarships and school choice programs. Through charitable contributions from private citizens, corporations and foundation, they raise funds to provide partial tuition scholarships to low-income children in grades K-12 so they may attend a quality private school and get the head start they need to be successful beyond high school — in college, in their career and in life.

Copywriter: Phil VanBuren
Art Director: Zach Shapiro
Account Director: Michael Stoner
Account Executive: Erin Tracey
Executive Creative Director & Partner: Jonathan Schoenberg
CEO, Executive Creative Design Director: Thomas Dooley
Graphics: Scott McLean, DI Graphics

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