Creatives Kick In: 100% of Proceeds from These T-Shirts Benefit Colorado Wildfire Victims

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A group of Colorado Springs designers are putting their creativity to good use today by launching a line of Wild Fire Tees — meant to raise money to support the people victimized and displaced by the fires raging across Colorado. They're hoping creatives across the state will jump in with their own designs to contribute to the cause. Get in on this.

We are designers who live in Colorado, love our home, and hate watching it burn.

We joined together to put our design skills to work in order to support the wildlife relief efforts in a way that far exceeds any individual check we could write.

The idea is simple: buy a shirt, give money to the relief effort, show your support for our beloved communities and the enduring spirit of Colorado residents currently living through fire.

100% of our proceeds will go to the Colorado wildfire relief efforts across the state.

If you’re a designer and want to join our efforts, contact us at


Awesome. Just bought mine. Many thanks to all of the folks who contributed their time to this effort.

This is really cool. All involved should be commended! Love that ALL (100%) proceeds are going to those in need. I just bought the C Fire shirt.

Just bought a couple, may buy more soon. Great idea!

Save me a black one

I appreciate the community coming together to help out the people and animals affected by the awful fires in our beautiful state, and I know this comes from a place of wonderful intention. However, I think it would be of more benefit to give $20 directly to a reputable aid agency (do your homework) - rather than buying a $20 tshirt, of which maybe $10 will go to the victims (that is just my guess). Do we really need to get something in return? I know the shirts aren't to make a profit from a tragedy, and I commend the designers for taking action. And maybe Cause Marketing 101 says that offering up something in return will dramatically increase the overall donations, but please just consider the impact your dollars can make, tshirt or no.

Or how about this: is there a local agency or client willing to match the overall profits/proceeds from these tshirts?

I love it...!

Dear "uh",

One of the designers is a friend of mine and I ASSURE YOU, 100% of the proceeds are going to said agencies. The designers THEMSELVES are eating the cost to design and produce the shirts....pretty selfless in this day and age.

Red Cross usually handles such - is that an agency.?

Live your life already...stop bitchin' skeptic and get yourself.

Uh, you mean go out and be and get it!

Roxanne, kudos.

I once worked with CoPilot Creative and they are a very community-minded company. And they honor their word, PERIOD.

If you go to their Facebook page,, they have worked out a process with Colorado Red Cross for the funds from the shirts to go.

And due to this initiative, $20,000 was raised within six hours upon launch.

Look up the word proceeds Roxanne - it means the profit of a transaction. "Uh" is saying that we should just take the $20 and give it to an aid agency rather than buying a shirt with it - even if the profit goes toward a good cause.

I want the black one

Is there some neato insider info here? Explaining about CPC and there relationship and process in the intro could have prevented the 'help' and drama, just sayin'.

it's meant to bring people together thru different perspectives in strainious circumstances and/or situations.

Uh -
Don't be such a Negative Nancy! This inspires people to donate who otherwise may not have - especially if they don't live in Colorado. Any donations are better than none, and what's wrong with having a little fun in the process?

I dint feel comfortable...! I'm getting the bs: I love Jesus vibe, while I put you in your place for the questionable difference.

what these designers have done is so awesome. in college one of my professors said colorado fosters an unmatched sense of community. we, (especially natives) are so incredibly proud of our state. i am not surprised that this initiative raised $20,000 in 6 hours. I can only hope that doubles in the next day and every day after. our beautiful state doesn't deserve to burn and i love that we can do something easy like this to help our friends and neighbors in need. as always, i am a proud coloradan. thank you.

Then don't buy a freakin' shirt Stan and give you $20 to the agency! But quit yer bitchin' about good people trying to do a good thing. Sorry you'll be the only one without a sweet ass shirt!

Raising money for a cause is what it is. It can be quite the ordeal - it's no wonder for the cool trendy spin on it. Hopefully, fun and for the better.

Their is really no need for the drama and commotion it just takes away from the initiative. People work hard for 'their' money, and are rightful in picking what and how they are involved. If and how they donate or give back.

This is an off-shoot to raise money, one of many in a very mediatized local ripple, not a relief effort. Me, I'm not selling anything.

Whew. A whole entry-level yearly salary in just six hours?

I think that this is amazing. You should keep your opinions to yourself. If you want to donate somewhere else, please do. Coloradans need all the support they can get -- no matter what outlet you give in. But if you don't agree with this outlet, keep it to yourself and go somewhere else. But give, give, give!

You'd think.

We're pretty disappointed in people bashing this idea, on any level. They're using their God-given skills to raise money for a good cause, donating their own time and cash. Let the thing breathe and take flight. Don't squash it with misconceptions.

Great idea! Just bought a couple shirts.

Not that anyone cares but i wasn't bashing or bitching about anything - just clarifying an alternate viewpoint. And, I bought the grey one with the burning C - great design.

C for I wanna be a Christian CATholic

^what Stan said^

I doubt there is any disagreement that any and all effort should be applauded. And if tshirts raise consciousness and funds - bravo. The comment was not remotely intended as idea-bashing or negative or a bad idea. I wasn't implying that a profit would be made for the designers. Hell, this is WAY more than I alone can do to help. So truly - congratulations - certainly the funds will help many, many people and for that I salute you. But when I clicked on the link, my first thought was, "now why wouldn't I just donate a full $20 (or more) to the Red Cross."

Perhaps we can refocus the energy from these posts into doing anything we can to help our beleaguered state. Donate cash, buy a tshirt, pray, do a rain dance; it all helps.



Maybe you should give Tshirts to the sgrlterless victims that lost all their clothes.

according to chris schell from design rangers, they've passed over $100k in sales as of this afternoon. great job, guys.

That's incredible.

I stand corrected, very well done. This is an amazing show of support. Making Colorado proud!

When I bought my Tshirt, i thought ,'Uh...are you sure, because I don't support fire starters...!

My wife and I know one of the owners at CoPilot Creative and they are 100% stand up and support this community 100% so if they say 100% then that is what it is no question!!

These shirts are a fantastic idea and its a way to get the message to more people. For those who question the motives - man you must be a real joy at parties! Ugh, people like you are energy drains.
Anyway, the shirt has been a great way to get the message to those outside of CO. I used to live there and have had 7 didn't people ask me about the shirt here in my new hometown. I know that at least 2 of them bought shirts. That is the effect that the shirts will have. Go CO!

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