The GRO Project X BC Surf & Sport: Lion Skate Deck Collaboration

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Denver premium clothing brand The GRO Project and action sports retailer BC Surf & Sport have announced the release of their second skate deck collaboration. The video follows BC Manager, Joey Jansen, capturing his assembly ritual and passion behind a true active skate lifestyle. You can find the Lion Deck at all participating BC Surf & Sport locations across Colorado and Utah. Video shot by Thomas Evans of Detour Art Studio.

GRO Project X BC Surf // Skate Deck Collab from theGROproject on Vimeo.


less shutter more ND

Another sick collab out of Denver by The Gro Project

Well this doesn't build hype or make me want to go out and get this board. No good product shots, bland pacing, dated and a bit trite editing technique.

Wake me up when it's over.

Not to be a shit talker, but just because you're using the medium of video doesn't mean you're using it correctly. Companies have to remember that the marketing materials they put out are a direct reflection of their brand image. This doesn't sell me on their brand.

D=dookie obviously doesn't skate. Go sip your mochalatteccino somewhere else, my're spilling on your Cannes shirt where you're sitting. And, for the love of Christ, stop taking life so seriously. You'd benefit from a little cruise down the street...instead of wiping your balls with griptape.

The video builds a strong connection between the brand, the culture, and most importantly, the City of Denver.

This is definitely in line with other skate-influenced promos but adds a hint of GRO Project branding into it with some hip-hop and shots of their clothing on the skater.

Great video that's well executed in my opinion.

I wanna skateboard like I want no teeth, but good on ya, skate or die on...! Goodwoek!

I've been reading about the lack of good online video currently, and the holding companies with today's different digital online media markets. Good for you for getting out there and doing it. You have to start somewhere and start young.

with advent of dslrs and other high res imaging tech
everybody isnt a dp
but everybody shoots
for better and worse

It is not corny at all...!

This video just makes me want to get out and skate. Great shots of Denver. Keep it rolln.

D=dookie is just sipping on hatter-aid. You're not even in the target market!

Yeh that dude just wants over produced main stream crap. I like the feel of the video overall. It got the point across. Dope!

Everyone's a critic.

It's a got a good DIY video feel to it, not over produced commercial. It captures a good laid back vibe. I really dig the music track. The shirt looks dope too. I do agree that if you're trying to sell a product with this, that it could be a bit more featured. But I think this is intended to represent the brand's attitude. Cool colabo.


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