TJ Miller's Comedic Rap About Denver

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TJ Miller is a Denver born comedian that has made his name in movies and standup in the past 5 or so years in films like Get Him To The Greek, Yogi Bear 3D, Our Idiot Brother, She’s Out of My League and How To Train Your Dragon.

TJ released a 41 track music and skit album recently called The Extended Play EP on Comedy Central Records. Track 25 on the album is a song called “Denver” which is sort of a hip-hop/Beck sounding weird track about TJ's love of Denver, his father the lawyer and a bunch of other weird topics. The song was turned into a video and premiered last night at Red Rocks for Film on the Rocks — shot by Denver's comedy directors, Nix Bros, in collaboration with local comedian Andy Juett.

In addition to this being a “Denver anthem,” it’s also a Denver comedy anthem — incorporating 40+ comics in Denver’s scene including: Andy Juett, Film On The Rock host Chuck Roy, Adam Cayton-Holland, Ben Roy, Andrew Orvedahl, Hippieman, Chris Charpentier, Troy Walker, Nathan Lund, Sam Tallent, Mara Wiles, Abbey Jordan, Kristin Rand, Melanie Karnopp, Bobby Crane, Timmi Lasley, Chella Negro, fake German pop act Total Ghost (also The Nix Bros!), and TJ’s up and coming comic sister Morgan Miller among many, many others.

See what you think of the song about your city.


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