Colorado Resorts are Just Practice for Jackson Hole

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To promote the steep and deep terrain Jackson Hole resorts offer, Cactus created a series of mobile billboards that poke fun at Colorado ski resorts. Parked along I-70, the only way to get up to the hills, the trucks state, “Enjoy practice today” for westbound traffic and “How was practice today?” for skiers headed home. The billboards direct people to — which they could easily visit while sitting on the highway. Cactus will run another series of mobile billboards during the heavily traveled President’s Day weekend.


ha! that's awesome. nice work guys!

That's effin ace. Just rode Snowbird the other weekend...definitely echo this sentiment. The traffic and lift lines on the weekends are getting pretty terrible up there...making the long drive to Jackson Hole seems more and more appealing every weekend. Well done...


Nice idea, but Jackson Hole ain't shit. Signed: Silverton and Crested Butte.

Practice driving in snowy traffic or on the slope?

OMG, do you know S.White he trains outside of Silverton?

I prefer Solitude to Snowbird. Great pow backcountry that's deserted. Snowbirds tramola has some serious mogeling terain and that's just ain't my thing!

Teasing aside. It's fun to travel to all the resorts across and know them. Besides loyalty and the tug-a-war of favorites that gets tired. There is a lot of great ones for different qualities.

Dig the tag line and beautiful nature shot! Go JH.

I sit beside those cool bearded dudes that worked on that. They deserve raises, promotions and front row parking for life. May their world be well endowed. May their sidewalks be lined with chocolate lamposts everywhere they go. The blonde bearded one would also like a brazilian. Should "Brazilian" be capitalized?

As a JH native, I absolutely love this. When the town hired Cactus to create some new ad campaigns I knew they'd put something clever together. Nice work!

Nice job!

That Norm comes up with the craziest shit.

pretty damn great. enter this into the obie awards, cactus.

it'd be a waste not to.

Wonder how many people got that

Obnoxious traveling PR-RVs that is. I saw a clear plexiglas cased truck with a home set in it parked in a major movie theatre parking lot before the grande opening of the centennial IKEA. should have snapped a photo of it and sent it in.

Are there writer and art director credits?

There were credits on the original entire project post a few back that didn't include the truck pictures:

I have tested the gravity at Jackson, it works. I will say, it was icy as shit there, and there was a distinct lack of rollers. I'll always choose Steamboat. But resort preferences aside, nice ad.

I only was in Jackson once. A long week as a model in a photoshoot.

The art director was hot. As in ho - t!

It's a nice place to nude sunbathe.

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