Thank Christ, Arby's Advertising is About to Be Fixed

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Arby's has had one royally awful advertising run over the last decade (think oven mitt, good mood food and the other campaigns that make you want to spew beef n' cheddar). So we're excited to hear this morning that CP+B once again has a fast food client.

"Arby's awarded its nearly $100 million account to Crispin Porter + Bogusky without a review. The move reunites Arby’s new CMO Russ Klein with the MDC Partners agency he hired in 2004 when he was global chief marketing officer at Burger King. Klein left BK in late 2009 and joined Arby’s last month."

Let's see what you got, Boulder.


yes the good mood food is fucking awful.

yeah, but the incumbent BBDO is still pretty bad-ass, if you ask me. they've done tremendous work for stodgy brands. kinda makes me think the problem is client-side, not agency-side. but i guess we'll see.

The singer at the end of those ads makes me feel sick every time it airs. "It's good mooood fooooood" terrible. Where's the foam brick.

in west virginia the 'good mood food' guy did really well

Good Mood Food is nice. Everyone I have talked to finds it nice and easy. Not in your face or obnoxious. I am overly critical and was surprised to like this.

Haha it did well in Virginia - more like it de-iced the pissy edge factor

Thank god! Congratulations!

Can't wait to see what mascot they come up with.

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