Snow Falls. Video Flies for Jackson Hole.

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By mid-January, when the weather report predicted—finally—an end to nearly three months of no snow, Jackson, Wyoming, a mountain town that lives on tourism, had no time left to waste. Advertising agency Cactus, Denver went into rapid response mode to turn around its first work for new client, the Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism Joint Power Board.

On Monday, January 16, when the forecast began calling for a 50” dumping, rush plans were put into motion. By Tuesday, RFPs had been sent to eight area production companies and by Wednesday, January 18, as the flakes began falling, world renowned snow sport film company Teton Gravity Research had cameras rolling.

Raw footage was in the can by Friday — and a weekend of editing began. On Monday, January 23, the agency delivered a two-minute video of the snow-swept town of Jackson — complete with ski scenes, snowmobiling, town attractions such as bars, shopping and dining, lifestyle attractions like the outdoor hot tub, and area wildlife. The video went up immediately online, and Twitter feeds began pointing anyone with an interest to YouTube, to Jackson Hole’s Facebook page, and to the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort website.

Let's ride.

CD: Norm Shearer
ACD: Matt Chiabotti
Social Media Dir.: Mike Lee
Account Dir.: Gennifer Hobbs

Production Co.: Teton Gravity Research, Teton Village, Wyoming
Dir./Prod.: Brian Wulf
Exec Prods.: Todd Jones, Jon Klaczkiewicz
Editor/Cinematographer: Nick Kalisz
Cinematographers: Jameson Walter, Greg Epstein
Colorist: Danny Holland


I love the "Become Jackson Hole material" line.

Looking forward to see what else Cactus does for them.

Bad. ass.

not great.

I dont see it winning an Oscar this year, but I like it. Good work. Got a vernacular sense of style and place!

Was Cactus behind the truck parked off I-70? The one that said "How was practice today?"

Or was that for Jackson Hole ski resort?

Either way, killer idea.

It's too long! My attention went back to my sandwich. Good content just needed a bit of change of tune.

Well done. Aside from an awesome backdrop, kudos on the discipline to stay out of the way until wrapping it all up with a solid line. Bravo.

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