Ah, So That's Why Oskar Blues Prints a Little Circle on Their Beer Cans

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Jonathan Shikes, aka Colorado Beer Man, today turned us on to what he says is a well known fact (at least in serious beer drinkin circles) about Lyons brewery Oskar Blues' beer can packaging. "The brewery has long printed a small circle on its cans that most people say is the spot where you can carve a hole to reuse that can as a handy pipe." Really? The theory is, perhaps, reiterated by Oskar Blues' post-Amendment 64 Christmas card, recently posted to their Facebook page.

Anybody out there intimate enough with the brand to comment on this mysterious, yet intriguing packaging design decision? (BTW, we do not support puns or smoking anything through tin cans.)


well WELL known.

Well, where the hell have we been?

not smoking out of your beer can, apparently:)

I guess this makes me old.
I had no clue. at all.

This shouldn't come as a surprise from the brewery that printed Widespread Panic lyrics around the lip of the can of Deviant Dale's.

Well, I hope everyone enjoys Alzheimers.

The artist is Terry Kishiyama ... Check out his band, Interstate Stash Express

This is an inside joke started by Chris aka the Gubna

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