And the Winner of the 2012 Colorado Campaign of the Year Is...

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To our sixth annual Colorado Agency of the Year poll (which will begin tomorrow), we offered you the opportunity to acknowledge the best campaign produced in the square state this year. The 13 contenders were culled from more than 2,000 posts on our site this year. The votes are in. The poll is closed. What do you think of the results?


The campaign of the year is.... not a campaign!

Way to go, guys. :/

And people wonder why the cool kids don't flock to Colorado from Alphabet City, Billyburg & Stumptown....

No reason Wild Fire Tees doesn't qualify. They had a marketing goal, built a marketing campaign around it and absolutely killed it as far as fundraising goes. Now, they've moved on to helping Hurricane Sandy victims.

glad to see a glorified church bake sale bringing home the gold.

You know if you don't take it too seriously, this blog is hilarious. It's like a satirical comedy happening all of the time.


The Hurricane Poster Project. Same concept, less hair gel.

I"ll stay out of who should or should not be on the list.

I liked Sir Richard's and Man Therapy because they did such a great job of overcoming the social stigmas associated with their projects in a humorous yet very well-executed way.

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