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Today, we're continuing our feature on The Denver Egotist — Agency Insider. We all know agencies usually have amazing physical spaces. But unless you work at a specific shop, you might never get a chance to see how cool they really are. Until now. We'd love to feature your agency. Email us at the@denveregotist for details.

As it stands, Made — currently located at 2116 Pearl St., Suite C in Boulder, Colorado — is a frenetic hive of people working ‘round the clock in a defunct antique gallery. These days, instead of old paintings and weird trinkets, the space is criss-crossed with ethernet cable, and wall-papered with rumpled print-outs for whatever presentation looms. The company, which began in April as three people working out of a coffee shop, has rapidly grown to thirty-two employees, unceremoniously jammed into the ramshackle, though oddly loveable space on Pearl. The high-ceilings, deep alcoves and spotlight fixtures that were once used to sell weird stuff from yesteryear now illuminate hastily taped-up TV scripts or UX for some app or another. Set to move into a new, larger space in March, Made recently stopped working long enough to take a took a few snapshots of the space.

^ Made Hood: Hand cut by Alex Bogusky (he's not bad with a plasma torch) from an old boxy 80s Chrysler.

^ Entry Wall: Rescued from ReSource Yard, our entry wall, now fitted with a metalwork Made sign (the very same one referred to above), was one of the first pieces of furniture in the office.

^ Wall of Founding Fathers: Circle Graphics created stylized canvases that each feature a founding father or first lady, which, once a month, are the subject of a presentation made by a selected staffer. This tradition has been dubbed "Founding Father Fridays."

^ Work Tables: Seemingly simple, our oversized blonde wood work tables were made by a local woodworker, using all recycled American pieces and pipes. Sitting around these tables in a day-to-day game of musical chairs encourages open communication between every employee, high and low.

^ Chandelier: Andy Shulman of Afterglow Studio in North Boulder crafted what might be our favorite piece in the office. Made of vintage milk crates that were then inverted and refitted with bulbs, the custom chandelier comes complete with a switch box made from the tail lights of a '51 Chevy pickup.

^ Conference Room Window Decals: The only structural modification made to the space when we moved in was the addition of a conference room, whose windows are now covered with custom graphic symbols that also adorn our packaging and represent the Made Movement.

^ Made Headphones: While we love our open studio layout over here at Made, we also believe that every staffer deserves their very own corner office. Solution: each new hire is presented with a pair of these made in Brooklyn headphones on their very first day--just slip on these bad boys and bam, instant corner office!


It's like Urban Outfitters just took a dump all over my computer screen.

what do you expect from a bunch old guys

I think their space looks pretty sweet.

I think the space looks pretty nice too...then again, I think Urban Outfitters is pretty nice too. I feel like this place has been around a while without producing anything good though. They put a lot of time into their concept and trotting out Bogusky but the only work I've seen, mostly that pet treat company, doesn't really look like innovative professional level work. This seems more like a diversion for old ad guys that are sick of advertising and have enough in their bank accounts to not be too worried about failing or hungry to succeed.

I just checked out their website for the first time in a few months and that tape is awful. If you're going to do a "taped up poster" look on the web, great! But at least take the time to either buy a larger collection of tape strips from iStock or better yet, photograph your own strips. Lazy.

It looks cool but it is probably a very toxic environment. Talent are treated like milking cows, only these days they give them shiny toys and spin them around a lot to keep them dizzy and convinced they're having fun. But it's actually a very relentlessly competitive atmosphere and I'll bet many of those designers suffer privately from overstress. Overstress on a creative WILL eventually have a very bad effect on your life. So be very aware.

Lots of hype and not much substance. What goes up fast can come down equally fast. 30+ people, being paid with investment capital. Call me a little jaded, but the biz strategy seems to be 'fake it till u make it'! Yes, my resume is ready to go because at some point we all know the joy train will come to an end.

Dude, your flag is hanging the wrong way. That's not very American, now is it?

You are all cowards. If you have something to say have the guts to sign your name.

I'm still a little confused about what these guys do. Both my wife and I have purchased items from the site (I got an axe for christmas) but I've never understood what Made's role is here. Beside pulling together a collection of american made products in the same vain as Fab, Gilt or Touch Of Modern what is their role with these companies? The site says they are a "Marketing Agency". What gives?

the more i read the comments of on these articles, the more i hate the jerk offs that actually comment on em. in ANY way shape or form, please show how in the hell you supposedly do more than the firms you critique.

i award you no points. and may god have mercy on your soul.

With the people they have running Made, I have to give them the benefit of the doubt. They may not have launched any groundbreaking campaigns yet, but I'm certain there is some good shit coming.

Anonymous (not verified) commenters don't count. It's awesome, and beets the crap out of my cube.

Happy New years, even you Anonymous (not verified) trolls.

"beets" Really?

Nice to see so many women here- a rarity indeed

Beautiful truck. I want it.

Such bad comments... I'm an ad guy who worked in some very good agencies 10 years ago... Mother London, saatchi London.. Then I started my own place. Takes time to build up your work and your clients... And also it takes guts. So to all you haters look... grow up and grow a pair. Made has a real point of difference and I think the work looks great.... And will only get better. Congrats made on every level.

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