Denver's Cultivator Reveals Four More Truths in Beervertising for Breckenridge Brewery

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Denver's Breckenridge Brewery pokes more fun at the advertising tactics of large U.S. breweries with four new spoofs in its series, "Truth in Beervertising." The series, starring the brewery's own employees for on- and off-camera talent, now has ten spoofs in its portfolio. Todd Thibault, Director of Marketing for Breckenridge Brewery, expounds, "The entire staff has a blast making these videos. I think viewers enjoy the harmless fun we poke at all of us in the business of beer. I can't wait to make the next set!" You can catch these short tongue-in-cheek commercials during Fox31 broadcasts. The work is from Cultivator Advertising & Design.


This campaign is really simple, and looks great. The execution is just about perfect, except that they sound like they were recorded on a Fisher Price My First Tape Recorder. Next time, spring for the $150 and get a real audio place to mix the spots.

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