A Tour of the Newest Boulder Agency's Highly Caffeinated HQs

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Introducing the worldwide corporate headquarters of MADE.


Keep up the relevant, insightful posts, egotist. That one really enlightened.

Lighten up, friend.

Now this is what I like to see.

ride the wave. let fear and uncertainty power you. make awesome.

yeah who cares.

I've gotta agree with Ben on this one.

Some of the posts chosen to make the front page of this thing are pretty slanted and often suggest a selection process of who's currently in bed with one of the egotist editors. I've submitted several pieces of published works and DAMND GOOD projects that simply never saw the light of day on this site, with the only suppositions as to why being that they didn't like the publishers or firm that called for or completed the project.

Quality control is one thing, having a web-based version of high school where the designers now walk the tallest in the halls, and feel justified about posting sub-par material while neglecting actual projects due to their own fancy is just pitiable.

Sorry your work didn't get featured. Sometimes things just get missed. We have 1,378 emails in our inbox right now if that gives you any sense of the amount of stuff we receive. We really do try hard not to play favorites.

BTW, why not use your real name so we can unearth the stuff you sent and get it live?

I like this. It is a glimpse into what I'd imagine its like to start a business. A coffee shop and a couple of guys with a vision to be successful. I hope that one day, they will look back (this video tells the tale) and think about their beginning.

Low overhead... the key to success.
and talent...
and drive...
and some luck.

From us to you, good luck!

remember the old saying...

it's not what you know but who you know


Good concept, but the production value would have been better if the DP had turned his iPhone horizontally.

Everyone's a hater on the Egotist.

+1 to the comment above. I wish MADE the best of luck. We need more companies like this. It's advertising, but for the greater good. Cheers!

im not hating on made. i wish them all the luck. but until they actually release something noteworthy, a shitty little video of them doing nothing in a coffee shop doesn't really do anything for me.

Please drink your coffee and move along. The rest of us are trying to watch cycling on TV and your "creative sessions" are downright lame.

the whole 'John Mellencamp raison d'etre'
is a little too gimmicky in mao opinion

We are in a fickle business Mr. Egotist; and although I'd be happy to re-submit or have you reconsider the work you skimmed over in the past, the necessity of continuing to work is more pertinant.

To this day I have an agent that won't work with me due to her friend, a stylist I was contracted with, not seeing eye to eye with me on a job. This was 5 years ago. If you can provide all your direct contacts, friends, and casual associates then sure, I'll give you my name and company profile.

I don't mean to sound obtuse but it is insulting to submit actual work, actual contracts paid, actual time spent on projects with heart and soul, only to be rejected and see them lose favor for something so trite. I'm not disparaging the agency at all, I wish Made a great business venture and hope they accomplish what they set out to do.

Even you must admit, if it were any of us hundred unknowns on this site that submitted such a nothing, thought and effortless submission, it would have been scrapped without a glance. And, that its only merit was that you know or are yourself one of the fellows involved in the company.

You said there were 1,378 submissions sitting in your box as of April 5th? To me that says that 1,378 people, most likely small time or starting out in the business only looking to get their work out there in any medium they can, took the time, compressed their file sizes, and wrote witty descriptions for their submissions hoping to satisfy the wizards behind the egotist. These people then checked, on the hour, ever hour, to see if their posts were accepted, only to see something that anyone with a camera phone and 56 seconds of time to kill in a coffee shop could do (granted you had a power strip being as the plot relies heavily on this facet).

Do you think this video befitting of your stance, "The most interesting and relevant work will be featured on our site."? Come on man, we trust you, (to a point) the quality control purported in the above quotation is what keeps this site from being Facebook. I browse this site just about every other day and am happy to see good stories or projects stay on the first couple pages longer because the Egotist stands by the platform that it is not the place for the most common and mundane youtube clips of "Cat hits wall" or "Darth Vader playing bagpipes on unicycle" to be uploaded with honorable mention.(AH-HEM! that had nothing to do with Denver, or work, at all! its some damned kid out in Portland who does that for parties for god's sake. Well, technically if the kid does this for work at parties then it was advertising? Right?)

I have 2,600 emails in my inbox and I'm ecstatic that their is nobody to get on me and I haven't much missed a thing. Emails get immediate attention with direct to point names & descriptions! Just sayin' - it's hard to hold your breath until it is posted. I would imagine it might take up to a week? Depending on content levels. Just sayin'.

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