Wow of the Day: Havas Acquires Victors & Spoils

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In all our years in this business, we've never seen an agency take more bullying over its business model than Boulder's Victors & Spoils. Because of this negative reaction and crowdsourcing's polarizing nature, it would seem that the shop would be avoided by holding companies. Not so. The polarization — and the continuing acceptance of crowdsourcing as a viable answer to today's advertising puzzle — has attracted Paris-based advertising holding company Havas who has acquired a majority stake in the firm. As part of the deal, founder John Winsor remains CEO and becomes chief innovation officer at Havas.

Read more about it on AdAge and on Winsor's blog.

Victors and Spoils from Victors & Spoils on Vimeo.


What agencies do for brands utilizing social media today.

They don't get a golden pencil for the best explanation of today's twenty-first century current practice, but rather muddling it up in a shyte pile of raping bejesus hoopla! They are so different!

They didn't explain it the best.

So I suppose we can't simply disagree with something or someone. With all the criticism our community directs at every subject, being critical people, why is it bullying in this case?

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