Told You a Colorado Shop Needs to Be Doing Colorado's Advertising

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We could dredge up the work that an out of town agency was doing for Colorado before the account finally came back here to reside in Karsh/Hagan's loving hands last fall. But, honestly, why concentrate on work that pales so severely in comparison to this? The account belongs here. We hope its ambassadors realize that now.

All of the new Colorado spots are posted here if you want more. You've done CO proud, K/H.


Really, really good. Congrats KH!

Both these spots are very well produced. Awesome work K/H!

Love the end tag animation. All around solid piece.

Great stuff guys!

THIS is why I live and love Colorado.
Bravo Karsh.

nicely done! way to represent and show why y'all got the account!


chills. Amazing.

Well done, K&H. Way to bring it home.

yes. well done. & agree that animation is solid!

like the :30s and :60s
but not the :15s - the beer one was kind of weird

Great imagery and story. Sappy music.

yeah the enja soundtrack kind of ruined the good writing and visuals

Beautifully shot. Credits?

Very majestic. Love the goldie running from the red house, and the house number on that little red house ;)

Yeah wonder where you got the idea for this endtag animation. Great concept and execution

The Dunes one is interesting, since you can't mountain bike on the Sand Dunes. #18 -

Well done, but wonder what the target market is to bring tourism to Colorado?

Great work K\H. Makes me look forward to summer!

maybe we all need a visit from shingy

Really beautiful and well-written work K\H! The 60s "No Waiting" spot is perfect. Congrats to Matt, Jeff, and the team on this account.

NAILED IT. Awesome work. End tag was done by Friends of Mine...

Gorgeous you guys—love the tag line—Come to LIfe, really great. Congrats.

Beautiful spots, VO is really moving

You CAN actually ride bikes on certain portions of the dunes, we vetted that carefully with the NPS.

Hats off to Jeff, Matt, Carol and team at Karsh. Ballsy, very successful concept. Amazing people to work with as well.

As for credits, I DP'd the shoot, and we (Forge Motion Pictures) produced the shoots, edited and did color and online. Tim Kemple directed and shot stills. Friends of Mine killed the Graphics as usual with Jeff at Karsh concepting. Rocky did the final sound mix, and Post Modern handled final post delivery. Charles Denler composed, the CSO recorded the music live.

Great work K/H. Beautiful!

Great writing. Who wrote that shit?

Love it. These are great tourism spots, but are also a good reminder to those of us that are lucky enough to live here to get out and enjoy this kick-ass state.

Seriously. Cheers to K\H and crew.

the rest of this country WILL take notice!

Great campaign, it really captures the essence of Colorado and sells without being salesy. Loved the end tag too. Makes me wish I was back living in Colorado instead of LA!

I'm weeping a little. So good.

colrado always rocks

LOVE the end animation! I echo another poster's dream...of getting out of LA and back home to Colorado!!

Holy patægonias!

I LOVE IT! WHO DID THE END LASER SPECIAL EFFECTS? Loose term friendly motion 3D makers?

Well played K/H, well played.

I hate the All Caps Hairline font at the end.


I'd be pissed if I were this guy:

Complete ripoff.


The writing is good. The music tips it over into schmaltz land. Would have been much better with no music, just a nicely read vo. The whole John Williams I-just-watched-an-epic-hollywood-period-piece-starring-tom-hanks music kind of ruined it. Also, the logo ain't THAT cool, people.

But, the writing saved it all. Nice job to whoever penned it.

I think the effects of the logo are great and the 3D useful for possibilities across the gamet.

where is there 3D in the piece? I'm 99.999% sure that end tag isn't 3D. I did a similar effect on a project earlier this year in After Effects. I think it's a great end tag, and is a nice update to CO's branding, even though it does kind of feel like it could be an end tag for a Discover Card commercial.

We pissed. We moaned. We whined. We complained. We even had somebody rewrite the rules of the pitch to make sure the account landed back home.

And then we waited a year.

For this?

Nothing there that Utah or Wyoming can't say. Only they both say it better.

You know. You'd think how different and creative can one get with a mountain picture and then one starts to realize, it's not really just Bob Ross technique you got one you got them all necessarily. I think many places are beautiful and have their own specialties they are known for. More than trying to be the top-notch know it all overly zealous in a loyal stomping ground owning defenders rights of something you can't necessarily own but experience that transcends. Inparticularly, true so of Co and for a longest rich history. At one slant towards Utah or wherever Wyoming and one pompasses instantaneously funny, ofcourse. Besides those drawn lines on a picture FLAT map these places actually do connect to one another and as the geography changes the transform and change in subtlety.

Obviously, a well mastered photographer can capture almost anything and then his specialties he excels in. The same for a motionographer - they are different in though, however, and they don't collide automatically when crossing your eyes and looking through a stereograph without the magnifier!

I used to stay out of territorial politicass concerns. A few times I had to step up and speak against them. At times I was amused by them. I can always sense them. Sometimes they are read as easy as a cover and sometime the understanding settles in over time and times. Most of the time I know they are behind me or in my cognitive periphery, but most of the time I do not mind. It starts as a little seeded fish that grows to multiple layers of waters and sometimes even the see and sees.

I liked it well enough for what it was and in importance to me and my overall focus of little as it effects me. I've given some of my thoughts jotted down here if it is noticed and taken into consideration? I liked it because it was unique and had a connection in a sense of a roughed style.

I didn't notice the house number before someone made the comment. That's sooooo Colorado.

@glassQUILL - TLDR

WOW! That is really close.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

I'd be pissed if I were this guy:

Complete ripoff.

Anonymous (not verified)
April 4th, 2012, 9:43am

Oo boy...Yay, I bet he's real PO'd!?

They are fine, could have been for Montana, Idaho, Utah, New Mexico. It think the writing is pretty forced. Why does everyone think they are amazing?

I'd be pissed if I were this guy:

Complete ripoff.

---yeah if you use slow mo and shots of nature in your shotlist
might need to get it cleared by this guy first, so you dont step on his toes

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