Create Denver Week Offers a Sneak Peek at What's to Come

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Create Denver Week, May 10-13, will once again partners with local creatives to re-imagine the City of Denver through temporary experiences that expose opportunity, activate space, test ideas, share knowledge and inspire.

Friday, May 11th Programming Sneak Preview:

Denver's Mode Set will transform the 14th & Champa Convention Center LED screen into an interactive gaming platform. The 2-player video game, based on the classic Breakout (1976, Atari), and Arkanoid (1986, Taito), utilizes a Microsoft Kinect infrared controller for hands-free, motion interaction, featuring audio-reactive 3D graphics. A look at a few of the process tests are below. Game on.

KacheOut process :: April 15, 2012 from CacheFlowe on Vimeo.

KacheOut process :: April 21, 2012 from CacheFlowe on Vimeo.


Siiiick. Top notch work modeset!

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