5 Top Colorado Art Directors

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Andy Dutlinger

Andy Dutlinger is an Art Director and Designer with a penchant for conceptual work. But, since all good work starts with a great idea, he prefers to label himself as a Creative Thinker instead. Andy currently works at Sukle Advertising & Design in Denver as a Senior Art Director.

Pat Feehery

Pat Feehery is a Boulder-based creative who has an interest in solving problems. He's worked on some of the biggest and smallest brands in the world — and worked on anything from sports and computers to food. He's fresh off a Senior Art Director gig at CP+B in Boulder and now available for consulting brands on how they should advertise, as well as solving problems creatively as a freelance ACD/Art Direction

Matt Chiabotti

Matt Chiabotti hates writing about himself. He especially hates talking about himself in the third person. Some things he doesn't hate include: mountain biking, camping, comic books, rock climbing, slam-dancing, interplanetary travel, and Red Vines. Currently, Matt is an ACD/Art Director at Cactus in Denver.

Haley Garyet

Haley Garyet is an Art Director at TDA_Boulder responsible for some of the most memorable FirstBank advertising you've seen over the last few years, among other great work for Webroot, Pizza Inn, Chobani Greek Yogurt, Petzl and Hapa Sushi.

Colin Pearse

Colin Pearse, born and raised in Rochester, New York, read “Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This” and aspired to be an Art Director. He headed down to Atlanta to learn the craft at The Creative Circus, moved to San Francisco, found freelance work at KBPwest, moved to Phoenix, learned firsthand that 118° in dry heat is still damn hot, and finally landed at The Integer Group in Lakewood as a Senior Art Director nine months ago.


Solid work from everyone on this list!

Yes. Nice Art Direction.

Hey, thanks Denver Egotist! It would be uncool of me not to give a shout-out to fellow TDA art director Austin O'connor, who's been my partner and co-art director on a lot of the current FirstBank work.

I've had the pleasure to work with Colin, and he's a stand-up guy.

By 'work', I mean 'come up with turd ideas that Colin makes awesome.'

Great list.

Big ups to all the folks who made this list, but I'm curious how this was decided...Seems like there's a lot of talented people who didn't make this list...

Umm, yeah, I'm sorta blushing. Thanks a lot for the mention.


Inquiring minds: This list is by no means exhaustive. (Of course, there are more than 5 great ADs around.) These are people we really admire who have great reputations in town. We plan on doing a lot of these lists upcoming.

Aww yeah Dut!

Great group up there. Nice work all around!

Wahoo! Big-ups Pat! Lots of hard work and dedication to make those projects come to life.

great post. thx!

Impressive and inspiring!

Haley is an amazingly talented art director and a great human all around.

However, she once dropped my infant son at a party at my house. The baby is OK but whenever he sees Haley he starts to cry. So definitely don't hire her to babysit.


True, Haley hates babies. But she is an excellent Art Director.

Just keep her away from babies.

Does "Deez Nutts" have one "t" or two?

Jeff Strahl was at Cactus for a while and now he is over at Karsh. He has been keeping things interesting in this town for a long time and would easily fit into this list.

So is your criteria only people that make ads? Seems a little dated. Not to say these people aren't talented or deserving, it's just being a great AD means every channel.

What do you mean by "every channel?" We chose to post print and broadcast, but of course they do more. Just look at their sites.

Some ideas for more lists:

5 top junior to mid-level Art Directors/Copywriters/Designers, etc.

5 top web developers

5 top directors

5 top creative directors

5 top Colorado clients

5 top Account People...ok, that might be tough...3 top Account People

5 top Agencies

5 top Campaigns

Nice, thank you.

Top 5 Agencies (for different reasons and in no particular order)
Moxie Sozo

Wow thanks, very unexpected and congrats to the others on the list.

Thanks Egotist! A very welcome and honored surprise.

These guys are all so solid. Would be an honor to throw words at them one day!

The Fashion Prince sez: "Good splendid buttercups! Haley Garyet deserves a castle! And fine, maplewood-smoked bacon."

Much deserved call-out to Matt Chiabotti. Congrats!

Ditto on 'botti -- you'd be hard-pressed to find a nicer, more talented dude.

Wow. Seriously. Wow.

I just got back from 2.5 weeks out of the country, and I can't imagine a better way to be welcomed back. This is a big honor. Thanks guys.

To give credit where credit is due, Michael Maciolek was the lead art director on the Jackson Hole stuff. I was the ACD on that.

Also, I agree with anonymous that Jeff Strahl is the man, and probably should be on this list instead of me.

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