Evan Huwa for The Everywhere Project

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The Everywhere Project is a collaborative design project that pays tribute to the classic folk song “I’ve Been Everywhere." In The Everywhere Project, a select group of designers and illustrators are invited to create luggage labels, each representing one of the 92 locations that appear in the American version of the song.

Here is the contribution from Denver designer Evan Huwa.

“I was lucky enough to have grown up on a dairy farm right on the stateline between Colorado and Nebraska, just under the panhandle. I could literally throw a stone from my front doorstep and have it land in Nebraska. Though I grew up on the Colorado side, Nebraska holds a very special place in my heart. My family had farm ground in Nebraska so many of my formative years were spent baling hay, setting water, and cutting corn with my dad.

The state slogan is on the Nebraska welcome sign as you cross the border. So naturally I decided to spotlight the saying in my luggage tag. I saw that sign every day, so the saying is ingrained in my mind. Fun fact: the saying was developed in the 70s by an ad agency in Omaha. It still stands today."


Great design, you are very talented

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