Ex-CPBers Launch "Movement Engineering" Agency, MADE, in Boulder

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CP+B, who has had a lot of upper management shifts over the last several months, continues evolving as three top execs have broken off to form the new Boulder-based shop, MADE. Run by Dave Schiff, Scott Prindle and John Kieselhorst, MADE is said to be "the first marketing agency dedicated to supporting a resurgence in American manufacturing." Interesting angle.

MADE will specialize in communication, brand building and community development designed to help American-made companies thrive and compete. An integrated consumer/brand community will be central to the concept.

"CP+B is a great agency and I could never see myself leaving to go to another agency, but this is a mission,” Schiff said. “We work a lot in advertising, and I want to put every hour into building something I'm deeply committed to."

He added: "More than 5.5 million U.S. manufacturing jobs have been lost or outsourced since 2001, yet if the average American spent just 1 percent more on American-made goods and services, it would create 250,000 new jobs. We feel like we can help make that happen and more."

"MADE isn't a traditional agency; in fact, we refer to ourselves as a movement engineering agency," said Prindle. "We're passionate about building unique physical and digital communities with our brand partners, and the movement around U.S.-made product is the perfect place to start."

MADE is based on the belief that the new energy around “buy American” is a long-term trend that isn't going away when gas prices dip or unemployment figures drop a point or two. Globalization is a modern reality, but things have shifted too far towards offshoring – and research has shown that there is a strong relationship between R&D and manufacturing. If we lose our ability to manufacture, we can lose our ability to innovate.

"Consumers love this idea of buying with their values, and there is an almost limitless number of amazing and undiscovered American manufacturers that are poised to rapidly grow,” said Kieselhorst. “They just need the right marketing. I'm excited because my partners are the most talented individuals I've had the pleasure to work with, and American companies deserve the absolute best."

More than anything, it's one more feather in Boulder's cap — which is quickly evolving into the creative hotbed we envision it should be.


Fresh bevel

Way to go gents. Looking forward to seeing more from you guys in the future!

Prindle, you're really smart. This is gonna be cool.

Right idea. Right timing. Look forward to seeing your work happen.

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