Cast Your Vote for the Jersey You Want Sold at Cactus' Annual Bike From Work Bash

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Cactus is starting planning for their 4th Annual Bike From Work Bash (scheduled for June 27th) presented by Primal. As part of Cactus' partnership with Primal, they designed a number of jerseys for the event. Cactus has narrowed their designs down to three — and are asking people to weigh in on your favorite design. Once the community selects the final design, Primal will be producing and selling the jerseys, with proceeds going to BikeDenver.

Get yer vote on.


Bikes, work, beer? seems like they are ripping some breweries off with this one.

Definitely #jersey1

Junior, you're about 4 years too late with that comment, buddy.

#2 please.

I really like these for most Jersy designs. My sister showed me hers fron work and I was so jealous. Not that I'd wear it biking, but perhaps outdoortearing or gyming. I hate to say I'm so had on the baby blue thang. Esp w/black.

Any plans for T-Shirts in the works, for those of us that ride in stuff besides spandex???

For the record: I don't wear spandex when I work out. I don't even wear hot pants!

But offices should provide Tshirts too!


Yes, we will be producing t-shirts as well, but given production times the jersey designs have to come first. Well share designs via the Egotist and on the event blog at as soon as they are ready.

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