Do You Know Any Creative Recruiters in Colorado?

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People are asking us, so we thought we'd ask you. Throw names and contact info in the comments, por favor.


Andrew Parrot - solid recruiter

Erika Oliver is solid as well. Her email is

Aquent is a global online recruiter agency.

Mark Kupfer is great for web

I'd check these guys.

Shayne Globerson at the Creative Group is the best in Denver, in my opinion. Cool girl, too.

Kim Karniol is AmAzing!!! She is at The Creative Group and she keeps me very very busy. Right now I'm doing freelance for Western Union... Need I say more? Email her... now... go ahead, you'll thank me for it =)

The Creative Group is a great resource and they all have backgrounds in advertising and marketing.

I've also been working with Kim Karniol and have had huge success with her. She's found me excellent positions that I've really liked and she is so enjoyable to work with that it really makes the experience that much better.

I can't recommend her enough!

Ali is an awesome person to work with at The Creative Group! She and TCG are definitely a cut above any other agency I have ever worked with. It has been a relief to work with such an intelligent person who also actually understands the business AND is respectful and kind. If you have worked with other agencies, you'll know immediately what I'm talking about!

TCG seems to hold the key to the GOOD jobs in the Denver area. I would recommend Ali/TCG to anyone serious about finding a graphic design/web job. I can't say enough for this organization and the people they hire. They really work hard for you.

Ali Thibault
Division Director

The Creative Group has been an amazing resource for me. In the crazy world of contract/freelance world, they open doors that I may have never found.

Each of their seasoned representatives have agency experience that really helps bridge the gap between myself and the client.

A great group of folks that I am indebted to.

Ali @ The Creative Group. TCG has the best talent, is the quickest to provide candidates, and matches specifically to my needs. Ali does an outstanding job -- for me as a client but also for the talent she places. I highly recommend TCG and Ali if you are looking for creative help or if you are a creative looking for placement.

I had a fantastic experience working with Ali at the Creative Group. She was always accessible and willing to answer questions and help guide me through the contract/hiring process. I would definitely recommend reaching out to her if you are creative talent looking for work placement!

I was referred to The Creative Group by a friend - they all have creative backgrounds and really understand the positions they are trying to fill. I worked with Gini for a little over 4 months; she was always available and checked in frequently with updates and new opportunities. When I got to the offer process I really felt like she was in my corner. Overall great experience!

Shayne Globerson & Gini Cortez at The Creative Group are amazing!! They really take care of you. I highly recommend The Creative Group and more specifically Shayne & Gini.

It's good to know there is a good one in the state. Having tried more than a couple, I know that design it a stereotyped, misunderstood and judgemental field. Especially between areas, schools and groupies. Don't show anybody your black fingernail polish.

Gini Cortez at The Creative Group is amazing! We had a great first interview where she really got to know my background and experience and we discussed potential fits in the market. She stayed in touch and was a great resource throughout my job search and, thanks to her, I'm happily working at my 'dream job' right now. I highly recommend both Gini and The Creative Group!

I would love to hear if any of these Denver based recruiters have placed any high level creatives lately (CD, ECD) at full time positions? Ad agency positions. Just doesn't seem like a lot of those available.

Ali and Shayne at the Creative Group are simply the best. Incredibly supportive, friendly, good follow-through and I wouldn't want to work with anyone else! I felt like my future was in great hands when working with them.

I think the above Kudos for "The Creative Group" were written by them and not people they've helped.

My experience so far with them has been odd. I feel like they couldn't care less.

So take those above comments about how great they are with a grain of salt…

"The Creative Group" is useful but keep in mind they get half of what a client is paying. So if you are getting 30.00 an hour they are also getting around 30.00 an hour. and the client is paying around 60.00 for you.

If you think they are making half of what the client is paying, then you are quite misinformed.

So you're saying that two unrelated clients were lying when I asked them in passing what the creative group was charging them? I know that this is not the case for all jobs that they can easily throw bodies at, but it's now my understanding they ask and get more for web related placements. I'm also not saying this is necessarily a bad thing.

No, i'm saying your sample size is 2 people. but since you have completely made up your mind based on talking to 2 people, and self analogies, then i'm guessing I won't convince you otherwise, unless you talk to a third.

let us know what the third person tells you. 3 is a much more convincing number then 2. if you get a 4th or even a 5th, even better. even if you talk to 5 and only 4 of them tell you what you want to hear, then that's great. it's almost like 4 out of 5 dentists agree. boom! it is now a fact.

i will concede my errors and herald you for shining light on how much my client is paying for me.

I work at a large company with quite a few contractors - all of whom, at one time or another, have admitted that the Creative Group does take a significant "fee". I'm not sure about 50%, but easily 30-40%. That may or may not be a factor for people, but they should know what they're getting into, and read the fine print, before signing up with any recruiter.

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