A 2-Year Showreel from Victors & Spoils

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Two years into business with a model that still breaks every longstanding mold, many would have wondered if Boulder's Victors & Spoils could have made it this far. We're happy they're still pushing boundaries.

Caveats on this Piece: This is rough, WIP, not for sharing with clients yet, and still missing Smartwool and Virgin America Provocateur digital initiative walk-thrus.

Happy birthday, V&S.

V&S 2-YEAR SHOWREEL from Victors & Spoils on Vimeo.


Is this a showreel or just a back-to-back compilation of all they've done over those past two years?

Not sure how those are different.

It's set to private. No one can watch it.

Yeah, too bad. It's nice work. You can see a lot of it here: http://vimeo.com/victorsandspoils/videos.

Ya it would be nice to have some sorta concept or design carry you through the piece. The work is great but maybe a little more bite size. Reels are typically short and entertaining.

Motion designer reels are that way, but not director and agency reels.

Why would you guys support their business?

The V&S model is undercutting our industry, our livlihood.

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