Proof of Just How Painful it is to Find a Good Developer

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Like most of us, a certain digital agency in town is looking to hire developers. Like any company in the world, this agency asked one potential candidate for a phone interview before considering him more seriously. Here's the person's response to the request taken from a screenshot on an iPhone.

What went wrong to give the world's most socially awkward geeks so much power — and how do we go about reversing it?


This has a lot less to do with developers and a lot more to do with this guy's absurd conspiracy theories about DIA.

WOW this is almost too classic to handle.

HAHAHA.... really. Some seriously socially maladjusted people out there, and probably a good reason why you would want a phone call at least.

So good...hahahahahaha. I must say most developers I've worked with here in Denver and elsewhere have been uber-professional, fast, and decently priced.

Looks like a red flag to me. This guy might have a little trouble integrating into the company culture.

Question? How is Denver New World Order? Is it ecause our govt. built something under the airport we get lumped in with the NWO? Weird assumption.

I hope you replied that you did indeed want him to bake you a cake.

I completely agree with him.

That is hilarious. Yet, I agree with the guy.

My favorite part is signing off, "Kind regards"

This guy would probably be a really great hire. Seems like a real people person! Definitely not the kind of person who would snap one day and kill everyone in the office. Not at all!

Sounds like a prostitute crying about wanting a kiss.

Hey, hey, hey!

"Good Reptoids Make Good Neighbors", you know!

And I love that the local New World Order Reptile population keeps the insects in check here.

I've never heard anything about this. What is under the Denver airport? How can I see it? Do they give tours?

I've worked with some guys that have that attitude. There are two different ways to do web development: a) the one-off contract freelance way, and b) the multi-million dollar tech startup way. Type A is far more trouble than it's worth, and type B yields a lot of free food, boozy drinks, and some seriously wild parties.

There are a ton of conspiracy theories surrounding DIA. Check this out:

16% battery power. Fuckin' iPhone.

Hire this person immediately.

Have you BEEN to the denver airport? Looks like a big circus tent... what's not to like? That is, unless you're afraid of clowns. Creepy, creepy clowns.

That guy is just crazy but, I can sympathize. Freelance developers often get the short end of the stick, coding products to be resold and or repurposed for years, without any further compensation.

There's a lot of crazy out there lately. And not just from developers. Last I heard we're in a double dip Stone Cold Steve Austin Creamery of a recession, best to keep the crazy under raps until you actually get the gig.

Lesson to be learned, be careful out there people.

I don't have anything to say about this... except, you might want to charge your phone. Looks like you're low on battery ;] hahaha

jesus. sandy vag much?

Homeboy is like, reading my mind!

DIA construction was 4 billion over budget, and all we get is Blucifer, a New World Airport Commission placard, and a leaky roof.

Wake up zombies!!!

Ha. Here's a blog devoted to following the conspiracy theories around DIA.

this is being taken out of the context of the whole conversation
so maybe whatever was being demanded prior to this reply
was upsetting to this Urkel

Easy to put the fault on the person for hire
Show what was said before this response
and be fair

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