Social Animals Guidebook Via Karsh\Hagan

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Karsh\Hagan, Denver created Social Animals to help their client, American Crew, make the most of its redesigned social pages. The book outlines timelines, tone of voice, and ideas for how to interact on sites like YouTube, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook.

Designer: Brian Suter
Copywriters: Matt Ingwalson / Kathryn Bass
Creative Directors: Matt Ingwalson / Sean Topping
Print Production: Karen Heydman / Valerie Williams
Account Team: Lindsay Jacobsen / Marissa Loken


I guess I will just be the first to say, wow this is beautiful work. That is a gorgeous print piece. Great work guys. Cheers all around.


Nice work guys!

Really nice work!

curious, is this a help guide for AC employees to help with their social media concerns?

or is it an way for interested parties who love the product to find and communicate with AC through social networks?

and where is some sweet branded imagery?

i'm having a bit of a, "whoop dee do, what does it all mean basil." kind of moment.

good design work and as always matt ingwalson slaying copy.

get at me sean.

Nice job. Simple, Sleek, Great Design and Copy. Love it.

matt + sean = supah dupah

Brian, I remember hearing tales of this book a while back. Let me just say, it lives up the hype and then some. Very cool!

I'm sure matt will let everyone know he wrote this and tell the interns how brilliant it is.

Does anyone but me see the irony of having a print piece represent social media?

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