Jolt Completes His 1099 Osage Mural

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"The building wasn't built yet, so we had the task of creating a mural for a building that didn't exist that's ninety feet tall in a studio with ceilings that are just twenty feet tall," says Jeremy Silas Ulibarri, better known as Jolt, the artist behind Guerilla Garden.

Great work. Has anybody seen this with their own eyes?

Osage Mural Trailer from Joel Stangle on Vimeo.


that's friggin wicked. congrats.

that building is right next to my old place. Nice work and will be really cool for the neighborhood.

I could be high on spraypaint fumes. Which aren't necessarily passé but need to be properly ventilated by user, but I would think this technique would be done like designs printed to create vehicle wraps or silkscreening process? Process of a larger image being broken to pieces by grid first.

Eitherway super cqql! celebrate local arts & crafters! At least they didn't filler Internet personal info in writing and wheatpaste. I like don't mind it at all! RAD!

That looks awesome! Can't wait to see it! :)

oh shit, no gorillas smoking weed?

These guys are legit!

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