You Might Overwater and Not Even Know It

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Unibrow jokes make you laugh? Big things amuse you? This year’s edition of the Use Only What You Need Campaign from Sukle Advertising & Design, Denver features an interesting variety of executions to embed an important message throughout the Denver metro area: you're pouring too much water on your lawn.

The non-traditional installations are currently at outdoor shopping center Belmar in Lakewood. After that, they'll travel throughout the summer to different areas of the city.


I thought it was The Factory, becuase they must have a patent on the color orange? Nice job Sukle! Glad their is enough water to go around in town.

I love the use of Guess Who? people on the billboards.

Sukle continues to impress with this campaign. Right when you think use only what you needs has done it all, they throw us something new and interesting. Bravo, Sukle. Bravo.

Use Only What You Need for life.

This is one of my favorite ad campaigns of all time. I’m pleased to see it continue and stay fresh.

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