Wyoming Tourism Invades Portland with Food & Adventure Truck

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Looking to expand its presence into new markets, Wyoming Tourism hit the road in Portland with a food and adventure truck. Developed by Barnhart, Denver, Wyoming Tourism gave Portlanders a taste of the West with regional food – such as bison burgers and chili (no Rocky Mountain Oysters?) – and the chance to participate in authentic Wyoming activities and giveaways. Out-of-home ads, which feature QR codes to drive users to a unique mobile site for an opportunity to register for a free Roam Free Wyoming summer vacation, supported the events. Nice design on that chow wagon, Barnhart and The Tenfold Collective (who assisted in the design).


Looks awesome! Good job guys!

Nicely designed truck! Love the state. Love the look. Would probably love the food. Good job Barnhart.

Very cool-looking and a great idea. Congrats you guys.


Dear Wyoming Travel Bureau, your Pandora Portland ad has caught my ear. I have lived in Portland all my life. I'm a Portlander. Using the term Portlandian is incorrect and offensive. The TV show Portlandia does not dictate what people from here are called, and those who continue to refer to us as Portlandians due to the show only show their ignorance to the audience they are attempting to attract. As a Portlander, the ad was a turn off.

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