The Jello Pudding Face Mood Meter Comes to Outdoor

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Yesterday, the crew at CP+B, Boulder installed a billboard that uses Twitter to monitor and display the world’s mood in real-time. It's a live, offline version of the mood meter they've had running online at When the mood starts to dip, it uses Twitter to give away pudding until it comes back up. The installation is at the corner of West Broadway and Grand in NY.

It works like this: CP+B has been monitoring Twitter for two months, and they've found that the global average of 1200 smiles : ) and 800 frowns : ( a minute to be pretty consistent. Using that as their mean, they built a billboard in Soho that pings Twitter every seven seconds, searching for the : )s and : (s and adjusting the percentage – and the face – as necessary.


I kind of love this.

I don't know how I feel about this!

Big Spaceship did something like this 3 years ago as a different experiment:

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