Tell the U.S. Congress What You Think of Them Dancing with the Debt Devil

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Earlier this week, President Obama called on Americans to reach out to Congress regarding the debt-ceiling debacle. And a lot of people made their voices heard. The day after Obama's televised speech, the Capitol's switchboard was overwhelmed with 40,000 calls per hour and e-mail traffic swamped congressional servers to a near halt.

So with phone lines and e-mail servers clogged up, the FearLess staff asked a simple question.

"Um, what about Twitter?"

They searched online for an official Twitter directory for the United States Congress, but couldn't find an updated and easy-to-use directory that contained links to Congressional members' Twitter handles. So they rolled up their sleeves and built the damn thing themselves.

Click Here and you'll find an alphabetical list of states with names of U.S. Congressmen and women. Each name links to the elected official's Twitter page. It's simple and efficient. Which makes it the complete opposite of Congress' ability to reach a compromise.

They recommend the following guidelines for tweeting members of Congress:

1. Only tweet Senators and Representatives from your state.
2. Be honest with your feelings, but don't be rude or vulgar.
3. Use the hashtag #FearLessForce.

Go now and use the power of social to be heard.


Senator Bennet doesn't tweet from the handle they have listed, it is actually @SenBennetCO

Might be worth dropping that comment on their site under the post.

Already did, just thought the locals would like to know here too in case they didn't make it to the bottom of that post.

Thanks Liz. It's updated on the site.

please get busey and solve this debit problem weather repbulican or democrat lower taxes keep the middle class low. rase higher income bracets for the rich. they can pay more in taxes. people making 30000 can't afford more. thanks

could you people in congress think about what you are doing. you are all acting like a bunch of children. start acting like adults and straighten out the mess all of you made.

To get past the gridlock, would it not be good for the House of Representatives to pass the Senate version of the bill with the only caveat that there be no exemptions permitted such as Congress themselves. If "Obama Care is good for the public, should Congress, or any other group, be exempt? Then we will see how serious the Senate and "Obama Care" really is.

If the Senate passes the budget, then they are subject to the same rules as the public. If they do not past the budget, because they do not want "Obama Care",, then that should say something about Obama Care.

Just a thought

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