Winners of the 2010 Denver 50

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Denver's creative community gathered to celebrate a year's worth of work at the 4th annual Denver 50 award show last night. Previously only a display, with no clear winners, this year's show brought some digital flavor with a 'text in your favorites' option to award a People's Choice at the end of the night. Creative shop Amelie prevailed with their crumpled billboard campaign for CDOT.

A big presence by Cactus, Integer, Sukle, Karsh and other shops from the region offered a varied slice of traditional and digital work. The Exdo Event Center was the backdrop for the festivities, with big DJ beats and cocktails flowing. A well-attended after party at the Walnut Room went well into the night. We're definitely feeling the effects this morning.

You can view all the winners here on the ad club's website or download a pdf of the winner's book here, courtesy of us.


Wow, I don't know about everyone else but I had so much fun last night. It's always so great to just see everyone from all the hardworking shops out on the town for one night. We have a great community here and it was good seeing everyone letting their hair down last night and just having fun. Congratulations to all the winners and keep up the good work in 2011.

Chris Cox - designated driver of the night award winner.

Being on the wagon sucks. To celebrate the people's choice win with an O'Doul's was a crime.

Congrats to the winners of our other local show in town.

Cactus showed well. Glad to see our late great Stuart Confer showing well with Gates work.

Sukle.. nice job as always. And Integer.. thanks for pushing Blue Moon to stay the course with the Artfully Crafted positioning. Nice work.


Big thanks to Jeff Mason, Gregg Bergan and everybody who worked to make the show a success. Great night, great book, great online gallery.

I'm a supporter of Denver/Boulder shops, but shouldn't a show that's supposed to acknowledge the 50 best IDEAS in Denver actually feature ideas? Hair dye packaging? A poster for a restaurant without a concept? Flyers for a Friday afternoon club? And why is B-Cycle in here twice?

Either the judges weren't properly guided in the criteria for choosing winners or we're short on ideas around these parts.

Thanks, Matt. But the real credit should go to Jeff and Tonja Roth, and the stellar support they received from our board and members.

wish i could've made it, but i'm still quarantined to my house with influenza. congrats to all the winners.

I agree with Rad Writer....this work is really disappointing....clearly the submission field was weak (so I heard)...but, to recognize a poster, packaging, and business card as one of the top 50 ideas in this town is a crime, and telling, all at the same time.

The price tag was the big hold back for me and my agency (as I'm sure it was for others). I had two personal pieces and the agency had at least four pieces that would have had a great chance of showing up in this show. That's a huge chunk of change for little to no return on investment. And when your work's showing up next to stuff that doesn't have a concept, it doesn't feel all that special when you win.

Thing is, I really want this book and show to be brimming with killer work. I know it's being done here. I also know it's not being entered. The 50 started with a bang, now it's sliding into something less than impressive. I'm hoping the ad club can look itself in the mirror, be critical of the rather lame results and get this figured out for next year. I still love the idea of the show being "the best ideas in Denver." If there are 12 the judges vote in, so be it. At least it'd be our best ideas. Why force them to pick 50, when this is what you end up with?

Ah, the trolls have arrived.

Look, rad writer, if you really wanted to enter your stuff, you would have found a way. You would have made the show even better (maybe). You shouldn't judge if you don't play.

And since this show's centered on the best ideas in Denver, does it matter what medium they are in? A great idea is a great idea regardless if it's a poster, packaging, or whatever. Back in the day, Kirschenbaum and Bond were heavily lauded for introducing stickers on mango and other fruit that now available in Snapple. Is this unacceptable because it's not a Super Bowl commercial.

You think you got better work? Great. Prove it. Enter it. Everyone wants to see it.

Hardly a troll, friend. A troll would say, "This fuckin work sucks." And leave it at that. I'm trying to get to the heart of what's wrong with this show and suggest ways to change it to get more participation. Just because it started one way – based on 50 ideas – doesn't mean it has to stay that way. I know better work is being produced in Colorado. Why isn't it being entered into this show? Let's figure out why and get this riddled for next year. This market will attract more talent and clients if The 50 shows us off better.

Yeah, the troll thing was a little harsh. You're actually looking for solutions vs. pointless trashing, and that's worthy of applause. Sorry. Low blood sugar.

So how do we get more peeps to participate? How do we create a more competitive arena?

Entering would help. Here's a topic to get going: what if CPB entered 50 things?

Rad Writer, just to be clear, our design for the American Crew Hair Color System packaging did not win an award. Our marketing strategy did. But since a marketing strategy looks pretty boring on paper, the ad club used the packaging as a visual.

Same goes for the posters for Juice's FAQ, which is what I assume you are referencing. The posters didn't win all by themselves. The big idea was hosting free quickie marketing seminars every Friday. The posters are just the illustration.

Perhaps I didn't analyze the write-ups as closely as I needed to and took some of the work at surface level, Matt. However, let's agree we have an issue here. No TDA. No Cultivator. No Factory. Hardly any entries from digital agencies. There are others that should be in this mix. This is not Colorado's best work.

I want to be clear that I respect the long hours ad club volunteers put into the show and the entire year of events they hosted. That's why I'm voicing an opinion. I want to make sure their time goes toward the greatest good. This show has to evolve.

Here's another issue and an idea to help resolve it. The show comes and the show goes. The annual is thumbed through, then it's dropped in people's drawers and we all move on. Winners really get nothing from the appearance, aside from a couple back pats. There's no return on the entry investment.

What if the ad club had a plan for after the show? It doesn't end with hangovers, but with that winner's book being marketed to every business in Colorado by the ad club. I'd feel much rosier about an entry fee and appearance if that were the case. The show's concept is progressive. We need a followup plan to match that attitude.

Rad Writer, I think your follow-up plan is a great idea. So great, I am volunteering to make it a reality with you. Hit me up, we'll make a list of marketing directors in the region who need to see the work, and we'll come up with a way to either distribute books or, if they're gone, email out links to

Let's do this. My email is

Great shot and great after party. Thanks everyone who put this together! Was there a book printed? If so, I'd love to get a copy.

Great show... not shot... hehe.

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