Indianapolis Just Topped Colorado Springs for Worst City Campaign of the Year

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Witness the Indianapolis Shufflin' Crew performing the Super Bowl Shuffle from the Indianapolis Convention and Visitors Association. Then be happy a Colorado city no longer holds the title of most embarrassing campaign produced for the year.

At least the creators of this one had the decency to remove the video after the citizens' backlash — although they should know well enough that nothing can ever be completely erased from the Internet.

Via, Thanks Brad


Does it make it worse that the Colts have the worse record in the NFL and nowhere near a Superbowl visit?

That is so bad! I'm ashamed to be from Indy and by the way Shufflin' Crew, the CHICAGO Bears made the Superbowl Shuffle famous (infamous). The Colts and now this...come on Indy!!

As someone originally from Indianapolis I have never been so embarrassed in my life...

This kind of beyond-embarrassing stuff is illustrative of why I left my home town of Indy, for Colorado, in 1998 and further ensures that I will never move back there. Even worse, is this kind of crap has been going on for YEARS there; you'd think someone would raise the bar, but no, it never gets any better. Ever.
While it's not surprising that someone brought this to the table as a concept, it just blows my mind that someone green-lighted this.

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