Dubious Mother F****r Stealing Other People's Logo Work and Reselling It

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The national chapter of AIGA has issued an alert telling designers to go check the website LogoGarden.com to make sure your identity work hasn't been lifted and resold by the site's founder, John Williams.

"A website promoting access to “do-it-yourself logos for entrepreneurs” starting at $79 has copied logos and other images created by designers and displayed them as LogoGarden founder John Williams’s own work for sale, without the original designers’ permission.

Bill Gardner of Gardner Design, who found more than 200 of his own designs offered on the site, has documented Williams’s outrageous and unethical behavior on the blog Rock Paper Ink, including examples of the slight modifications of well-known logos like the identity for World Wildlife Fund and Time Warner Cable."

Seriously messed up. For more on AIGA's recommended course of action, read this.


Other than the obvious WWF logo — this is my personal favorite.


That is hilarious! The logos he offers are just cheap knockoffs, they all just look a little worse than the original.

AIGA's recommended course of action leaves out some important steps. For example, the first thing one should do whenever there is an online infringement is to take screen shots to document every unauthorized use (and the urls, etc.).

Also, with logos there are also trademark issues potentially.

NONE of the above should be taken as legal advice. It is offered for informational and educational purposes only. If you have a possible infringement situation, make sure to contact your very own IP lawyer to get personalized legal advice for your situation.

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